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Enlargered epididymis?

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  • Scott
    It's more likely to be a cyst or infection than cancer, but it's a good idea to call your doctor about it.

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  • bt17
    started a topic Enlargered epididymis?

    Enlargered epididymis?


    I have noticed my left testicle feels odd when examining it. Compared to the right which is smooth, the left is larger, and actually feel a little swollen. The most concerning part is the very bottom tip which has a mass at the end about 1/2" long. It feels like the tail of the epididymis but the right side feels nothing like it. I don't remember it feeling like that before but I'm not positive. There is definetly a noticeable difference between the two. As far as feeling, the left side doesnt hurt but somtimes feels like it is swollen and I can feel it. It doesn't throb, not sharp pain, nothing like that. Just feels odd...Maybe like a slighlty pulled groin which I don't have. Does the epididymis get enlarged or blocked sometimes? From the pic at this link, it just feels like the tail is a lot longer and the lower tip of the left testicle is more a part of the epididymis :

    What do you think?