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  • Some concern...

    Hi all.

    Just thought I'd channel some worries into this post. I've recently noticed my left testicle has gotten slightly larger than my right but not to a considerable extent (although it may of occured a while before, I just happened to stumble across this recently...). I have seen a urologist about my testicles before, and turned out I had a varicocele on my left side and some sort of scrotal cyst.

    I've just been getting a bit of some constant on-off dull pain in the testicles and the lower right of my groin area, some headaches and minor chest pains too if that has anything to do with it...

    I've booked for an appointment with my GP on monday (returning from a vacation...) , but I was wondering if I should get checked out any sooner if it sounds serious ( which might be hard to arrange...) because I've read alot about how TC can spread real-nasty and fast?

    Thanks for listening to another hypocondriac.

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    No hypochondriacs...real people with real concerns
    If you have a known variococele and cyst in the left testicle it could very well be that one or the other is acting up and causing discomfort. Monday's appointment is ultrasound will be a must with your history. Go to for background. Let us know what the doc says on Monday and good luck!
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      Generally when they hear of an enlarged testicle there all over it --FAST... If there is something they will find it quickly... Your GP will schedule you with a Urologist and then an Ultrasound....
      You can NEVER BE TO CAREFUL!!!!!!!!! Best of luck!!!
      Moffitt Cancer Institute
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        Thanks guys for the replies.

        Still ongoing with the pains and my chest pains have gotten a bit worse. Anxious for that appointment on monday... I hope you're right about the response time for such things Don, my experience with the health system over here (australia) has been met with sluggishness, bit of a worry.

        I'll keep you guys posted.


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          Some good news actually.

          I went to see my GP and he ruled out any major worry of TC and luckily enough he squeezed me into an scrotal ultrasound that very afternoon. I waited around for the film and took it back to the GP again. The ultrasound didn't show anything abnormal, even my varicocele had somehow shrunken in size!

          So he thinks it may be inflammation related and put me on some antibiotics. Relieved to say the least at the end of the day.

          So if any of you young guys out there are reading this and think something is wrong with your two friends down below, go see a doctor! Better safe than sorry.


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            I'm very glad to hear you got good news!
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