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  • Worried

    im 14 yrs old and about a yr ago, iv noticed a little lump on my left testicle. I didnt think it was anything untill today when i had a health lesson and we learnt about TC.

    I believe the lump is attacked to my testicle and it doesnt hurt or anything.

    Can anyone tell me what type of TC this is?
    Also, will i have to get my testicle removed? Or how long will it take for me to recover after i have gone though a operation? And what will i feel while im being cured?

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    Welcome, Shak! First off, are you sure you're not feeling the epididymis, a normal part of the testicle? Where is the lump? Carefully read these self-examination instructions. Second, a lump may be something other than cancer, like a fluid-filled cyst. The best way to know for sure is to see your doctor or a urologist.
    Scott, [email protected]
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      Well, its a lump a size of a marble above my left testicle...its not on my right one so i dont think its normal. It also has a odd-shape

      btw, i changed my mind, i donno if its attached