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I know I shouldn't be worried but....

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  • I know I shouldn't be worried but....

    Back in April, I had pain in my lower abdomen and after searching, found a hard lump on my left testicle that would hurt whenever touched. I had it checked out by a doctor and had an ultrasound which came back normal.

    Unfourtunatley, it's in my nature to worry. The lump is still there -- definatley on the testicle -- and I'm just worried that perhaps the doctors missed something. I'm sure that I should just put it behind me, but everytime I feel it there, it just messes with my mind.

    Do I really have any reason to worry? Sorry for bothering you guys with this... I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance.


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    A lump with pain for 3 months should mean another trip to the doctor for them to explain what is going on. If it is a cyst and causing pain I would think they would want to see you again to make sure something isn't going on since your last visit 3 months ago. Write down your questions and make sure they answer them before they leave.
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      I should probably clarify that the pain went away a few days after I first found the lump. There's only pain now if I touch it, and that might just be normal pain from putting pressure on my testicle.

      I just assumed that the lump would be gone by now.


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        Chances are that you have some sort of calcium deposit on the testicle.. I know the Dr said there was nothing to worry about but did he give you a diagnosis of what the lump is... If not require him to give you an answer after all you are paying him/her to give you answers... If your Dr can't give you an answer then you may want to seek another opinion... Chances are your fine but it's better to be safe then sorry.... If your get the all-clear again then its time to step off the TC bandwagon and get back to normal life ... Best of luck!!!!!
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