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I am not sure what this is

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  • I am not sure what this is

    I am 17 and in about 2.5 weeks I will be leaving for Basic Training for the AirForce...when I had a weird feeling in my left testicle (not pain) I felt it, and in the front part of the testicle there is like a growth on it that is almost like a 3rd testicle, but it is connected to the testicle and also the tubes seem to be swollen and have a weird veiny feling to them....I am not sure to think this is cancer or something else....

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    It's best you have it checked as soon as possible. No one knows what these things are until they have an exam. Testicular abnormalities need to be checked by a doctor. Please let a parent know and make an appointment to see a doc. You'll know what you're dealing with and can get things taken care of. Take care and keep us updated. Best of luck to you. Nancy
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      it could be a varicocele


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        my parents are in vegas for vacation and will be for another week, if I were to just call Kaiser (the insurance company my parents have and I am under it and have my own card), could I just set up something??


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          and thank you for your replys!


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            You might have to go to your family doctor for them to have a look first if they suspect something they will send you for a ultrasound to see what it is.
            Problems like this are not uncommon but you will want them addressed before you go in for basic training since if you go in with a problem you could be moved to a different class if you need medical treatment for any period of time. Call your parents in Vegas I am sure they will tell you to call your family doctor and get in for a visit. Since you are under 18 you might need an adult to sign for any treatment.
            If you have any other questsion ask away.
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              okay I will try to bring it up to my parents asap...the more I read about it on the internet the more I think it feels like varicocele (not sure of spelling there...)

              thanks again to all of those who posted