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Worried - Testicle, Leg and Back Pain

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  • Worried - Testicle, Leg and Back Pain

    Hello Each

    I'm looking for a bit of advice and (hoepfully) reassurance.

    I'm a 24 yr old male in England. About 10 days ago I began to notice a dull ache in my left testicle. Over the next couple of days the pain became stronger except when I laid flat or sat upright on a hard chair.

    Having been taught about testicular cancer in school I checked for lumps but couldn't find anything in particular, but there did seem to be a lot more going on in terms of the tubes on the left and it was hanging at an odd angle, about 45 degrees at odds with the other. The testicle was not sensitive to touch.

    I took myself to the doctors and she made checked my hip and testicles for any sign of a lump or hernia. She gave me the all clear and suggested it may be a vericocele but that chances were it would fix itself. She said that testicular cancer is always a hard lump and does does not normally cause pain.

    I went home relieved and bought a jock strap to support my testicles.

    A couple of days went by and the pain became worse. By now the pain in the testicle was secondary to pain in the back of my left leg and lower left abdomen.

    I went to see another doctor and he rather reluctantly performed a second check, only took a few seconds this time. He said he couldn't see any evidence of the swelling but the epidimus on the left felt a little hard. He gave me five days worth of antibiotics on the assumption that it was an infection. Again he said that TC doesn't present as pain so I shouldn't worry in that direction.

    Again I went home relieved and looked forward to the antibiotics doing their thing.

    Four days later, two of which I spent mostly on my back, I was still in pain and by now tearing my hair out.

    Went back to the same doctor and he said that the pain in the leg and lower back suggested that it was infact a trapped nerve and that I should take pain killers and wait for it to sort itself out.

    That was a couple of days ago now and after a couple more days of pain, today (touch wood) has been much better. However mentally I am at my wit's end. With three very different diagnoses in the space of a week I don't have a lot of faith in the doctors.

    The left testicle now hangs normally and the pain has more or less gone, although there is certainly a lot more going on at the back of the left testicle than the right. The pain in my leg and lower back is still there but only when I sit badly.

    I can't help fear that they have missed something. Reading the entries here most people seem assume that the GP will recommend a scan where there is cause for concern but my doctors don't seem to worried.

    Should I be concerned? I do tend to worry about things more that most people my age and I need to put this one to rest.

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    Your worries are normal. See if your GP will offer you a scan and if not try and have a private one done. Your health and state of mind are the important and a second opinion should help ease your anxiety.
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      Just a note as to my case I had pain with T/C felt like I was kicked in the groin and had dull pain for weeks in leg and groin which is what caused me to finally go to the doctor oh and the darn lump that wouldn't go away that was also painful when touched. So for the doctor to say no pain with T/C well that isn't always the case I think it can cause pain due to other factors maybe not just the cancer. All I can say is after the operation the pain was gone .
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