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  • Not sure what this is...

    OK, picture a full front on view of male genitalia. Now, superimpose a clock face over it. Directly above the penis is 12 O'clock; the area of the scrotum between the testicles it 6 O'clock.

    At about 3:30, there is a lump on my genitals. It's not painful, and it feels like it could be a bite or a pimple. I've had large pimples, and it feels kind of awkward like all pimples do when they're in a place where clothes or another body part are rubbing against them.

    The thing is, it's not on my testicles. It's smaller than a pea, and I pulled the skin back a little to see how much of it there was and how deep it seemed to go. Whatever the growth is, it doesn't seemed to have spread. When I get an erection, it is pulled closer to the penis and away from the testicles even more so that it is practically at the base. It seems to be right under the skin.

    It's annoying, and I plan to have it checked out if it doesn't start to go away by Monday. I'm kind of baffled at how fast it appeared, given that I always expected physical signs of TC to show a little more slowly.

    I understand that this is not a forum for official medical advice, but I was wondering if anyone knew if it could be cancerous based on the location, or if it is too far away and too near the surface. I'm just wondering if it has to be on the testicles to actually be testicular cancer.

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    Were here to help if we can. With the lump not being part of the testicle it won't be tc. Get it checked but don't worry about testicular cancer.
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      Well, I was just looking at it, adn I was pulling it again to try to feel how deep it went when it popped- it was a zit. Since a zit can turn up anywhere hair grows, I guess it's not too surprising. But that's one place I REALLY don;t want one.


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        Well that's wonderful, but gross, news!!!! Rememer to do those monthly check ups!
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