Hello, I've been worried about this lump I have on my right testicle, it's located at the top right at the back location, not the side... I have had some pain since yesterday but this only happens when something touches the lump or there is pressure around it, I just looked at the online guides and I tested it my self, according to this link http://tcrc.acor.org/testicle.html I'd say the lump is located at the "Rete Testis" in the middle top section and I'm really worried to find out if this is cancer or it's just a cyst... the size of this lump i'd say is about 4.5mm side-to-side, I thought it was in the Epididymis Head but isn't, it happens to be next to it at the testicle. Sigh... has anyone had a similar or an exact experience? Also, I cannot remember well when this first appeared but I'll say it was around mid 2005... I noticed the lump when I had the same pain, which is only at the top part and not the whole testicle but the size is still the same, it has not grown till this day. This pain goes away for a long time then comes back, I take it maybe from some sort of depression or pressure from something or perhaps I hit my testicle from a quick sit-down. I just realized that this probably appeared at the same time I found a external hemoroid from sitting down too much for a long period of time... Pehaps they are a bit related?. I used to be a very insecure, impatient and nerveous guy two years ago. I hope my description is enough to get some help out of this, Thanks in advance.