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  • Cyst Questions Please Look

    Hi On July 10th I Went To The Doctor To Get An Ultrasound Done Because Of A Lump The Size Of A Slightly Bigger Pea On Top Of My Right Testicle

    I Got My Ultrasound Took About 15 Minuts ..then 15 Minuts Later The Doctor Said That The Radioligist Confirmed It Was A Cyst...

    It Was The Same Size Until Last Week Ive Been Having Sex With My Girlfriend.. And Know The Cyst Is The Size Of A Marble..

    Should I Go Get Checked Out Again???

    And Is It Ok For The Cyst To Be There Or Should I Get It Removed???

    If Anyone Had A Cyst Removed Before.. How Much Is It For The Surgery To Get It Removed... (thats Without Insurance)

    Also When I Pee It Slightly Burns.. Can It Be Because Of The Cyst?

    Also When I First Got The Cyst I Had Shooting Sharp Pains In My Leg To My Arm Around My Abdomin... And I Still Have Th Same Pain..

    Biggest Question Could My Ultrasound And My Radioligist Be Mistaken???

    Im Not That Worried About Having T/c Since It Was Confirmed Being A Cyst....

    Also Good Advice For People Scared And Worried And Parinoid About Having T/c Or Anything In Life

    Before You Go To Bed Get Beside Your Bed On Your Knees And Pray

    God Is The Number One Person You Should Look Up To, God Is Everyhting !!!

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    If the cyst is growing, you should go back to the doctor. It might have to be treated. I don't know what the cost of surgery would be. If the cyst is being caused by an infection, that could be causing some burning during urination. However, the burning can also be caused by overly concentrated urine, such as from being somewhat dehydrated (a possibility considering the weather lately); bladder infections and STD's can also cause discomfort when urinating. I would go back to the doctor and fill him/her in on your latest symptoms.
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