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    hello,its my first time here,on monday i had like wot seemed to be a muscle strain on both sides of my groin area,cos i do alot of lifting in my job and thought i must have pulled myself,it was very tender,it just came on me all of a sudden but its gone again now after 3 days.but als o havin like a dull ache but its so non descript i cant tell exactly where its comin from,and it doesnt hurt just a little annoying,it comes and goes,think its my right testicle.not sure if these 2 things are connected,i have no lumps from what i can tell,anyone have any thoughts and would you advise to me to get it checked out?
    many thanks

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    Jason, welcome to the forums.

    Sounds like you could have pulled a muscle or you might have a hernia (from lifting heavy things). I would make an appointment with your doctor just to be on the safe side,,, it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out either way. It doesn't really sound like its TC.

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      thanks kev


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        It's probably not Cancer but definitely go see a doctor.

        In my case, I had a similar situation where I lifted something heavy and it felt like someone kicked me in the nuts - especially the left one. After a couple of appointments with my regular doctor (who thought it was an infection), it turned out to be Cancer. I had no lumps but my left testicle swelled up to more than twice normal size and that was the indicator for the specialist I saw.

        So, go get checked out just to be safe!
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