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  • dadmo
    I'm encouraged when I see the test done and the results announced in a few minutes. I'm always surprised when it does take days. My son knew within an hour that he had a problem.

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  • freakedout
    started a topic Why Is That....

    Why Is That....

    Why Is It That I Got My Ultrasound Same Day I Walked In The Hospital , My Ultrasound Took 15 Minuts And The Results Came In , In 15 Minuts And From What I Read People Have Appointments For Their Ultrasound And Then Have To Wait Like 2 Days For There Results??

    Does It Meen They Didnt Take Mine Seriouse And Slacked Off??

    Because I Got A Bumo The Size Of A Grape On Top Of My Right Testi
    They Said It Was A Cyst.. But The Whole Deal With The Ultrasound And Result Were Way Too Fast And The Lump Loos Way More Then Just A Cyst..