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Man! What a pain in the balls!

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  • Ras Joe
    Do what ever you can to take it easy this weekend. You have done the best thing you can do by getting the ultrasound done. Most problems "down there" are NOT cancer and I will be praying that you will find that what you have going on is NOT cancer, too. God Bless and Godspeed at getting your results back.

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  • Scott
    A hydrocele could cause swelling of the testicle (not the scrotum), so that is a possibility. It's good that you've already been in for an ultrasound, since that will give a good picture of what's going on.

    Waiting for results is always tough. Hang in there.

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  • Just_Hangin
    started a topic Man! What a pain in the balls!

    Man! What a pain in the balls!

    Yesterday, my right testicle was hurting. I felt like I couldn't get comfortable, like I kept sitting on it or squashing it. It feels extra heavy, and like the extra weight is yanking on the various cords/veins/nerves attached to it. That's where the pain seems to be coming from- right where everything attaches to the testicle. My wife freaked and told me to check for lumps, which I did.

    No lumps!

    I did notice it's about 30% bigger than the left one. I found some kind of squishy mass, but it seems to not be attached to the testicle. It really seems to be varicocele, but I heard this is uncommon on the right side and alarming to happen suddenly.

    I wonder if something in my swollen right nut is causing the veins to swell on that side also?

    I went to my GP today and he had me get an ultrsound. He thought it might be hydrocele, but after researching it, I'm pretty sure he's wrong. My scrotum isn't swollen, just my testicle and the veins attached to it.

    I just called him to see if he got the results and had any news, and he's gone for the weekend (at 3:30... thanks, dude). Now I have to worry until Monday.

    Anyone out there have Varicocele on the right side happen suddenly like me? With the swollen testicle? What happened?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I try to have a sense of humor about stuff like this, but I'm really pretty freaked.