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Testicle Injury (Or early cancer sign?)

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  • IowaBrian
    I think you have covered all of your bases by going back to the doctor. Write down all of your questions and make sure the doctor answers all of them. Ask him if he thinks you should go to a URO for a consult.
    Stress can cause erection problems or it could be some other problem.
    I think all will be fine in the long run.

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  • dadmo
    I wouldn't assume cancer but you certainly need this to get checked. Don't go to a regular GP make sure you visit a urologist. Your assesment of a cut off blood supply might be right. Get this checked soon because if the blood flow is cut off you could have some serious issues. Let us know what the urologist says.

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  • ukcoder
    started a topic Testicle Injury (Or early cancer sign?)

    Testicle Injury (Or early cancer sign?)

    Hi Guys,

    Just hoping someone can help me out here as i am really starting to worry.

    About 3/4 years ago i got hit in the right testicle with a
    large metal pole (don't ask!). The ball didn't seem to get damaged as such but the attached tube (i think?) seemed to swell up a fair bit and caused some bad discomfort.

    I was told this was "Vericele" (or something) after i got a checkup a few months after the initial "hit". I was given some medication (anti-bacterial i think) but it didn't seem to help much.

    After a few months (maybe less) this cleared and the pained went away. Every now and then the pain would return but nothing serious (just a slight discomfort).

    I always felt that the "growth" (i was going through puberty at the time) seemed to have somewhat 'stunted' with the right testicle and it never seemed to get much bigger than a grape. I always believed this due to the blood flow or something with the testicle, but the doctor didn't detect any "twisting" or anything.

    However the left testicle seemed to continue growing and become large, smooth and 'heavy'. Everything was going fine until a few weeks ago.

    I have never had any sex issues and can ejaculate with no problems (even now it seems).

    A few week's i got hit in the left testicle (though not
    really hard - just a slight impact) and it caused some pain but no swelling, discolouring or any other physical sign of injury.

    One thing i did notice which seemed 'strange' was that the left side of my "sack" seemed to be a different colour to the right side, it also seemed to be "tougher" and have a rougher skin texture. It look's alot darker in colour to the right side but this is only really noticable when the sack is cold and tight.

    Ultimately the pain lasted about two week's and has now cleared since the initial "blow" to the left testicle.

    After some serious worry, I noticed the testicle seemed to have changed shape and size somewhat and had became a little smaller. I admiited myself to hospital for a checkup and the doctor said everything was fine and the change in size/shape was due to the impact.

    I was given medication but it now seem's the left testicle is starting to decrease in size just like the right one did a while back and i am getting very, very worried. Everything 'seems' to be functioning as usual - but for how long? Will i become infertile are have sexual health problems in the future?

    The doctor said not to worry but i really can't help but
    worry. The left testicle feel's alot less "heavy" and like a large grape now rather than the way it used to be (a large heavy mass with good "normal" size).

    I have also noticed i don't seem to be getting as many morning erections as i used too but wasn't sure if this was due to the stress or actual damage?

    Hopefully someone can offer me some advice on what to do and what might have happened.

    I have another doctor's appointement booked for this friday to get another checkup, maybe i will get reffered to a urologist?

    As always, any help is fully appreciated!

    Best Regards,