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Worried About Testicles Please Help

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  • Worried About Testicles Please Help

    I am writing this because I am worried about the way my testicles feel. Both of my testicles feel hard. It is the entire testicle. When I apply pressure to it, it doesn't have a spongy feel to it. It only shifts a slight bit in shape when I do and I can feel the overall shape of the testicles being hard. I am pretty sure it was not this hard before. I am 19 years old if this is significant. Is this something to worry about?

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    I don't think what you are talking about is anything to worry about but like always if you have medical questions and something doesn't seem right then go in and have the doctor take a look.
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      Your odds of having cancer in both testicles at the same time are very low, but it does sound like something you should have checked out as soon as possible.

      Do you feel any unusual lumps? Is there any pain?

      My suggestion would be to make an appointment with a urologist and have it checked.


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        I don't think you need to worry but if it helps you sleep get to a urologist and get checked out. Both (sorry guys) of mine are hard.
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          There isn't really any pain, it's just that I remember them being softer before, but now they're. Thanks for the input though, I appreciate it.