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please say everything will be ok!?!!

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  • please say everything will be ok!?!!

    hey there

    right.. little bit worried

    I came back from holiday around a month ago with a bad fluy, chest infection type thing and was getting some groin pain/discomfort during it all.

    I went to the doctors a few days later... got some antibiotics for a week.. and the garden was rosy again. no groin discomfort or anything.

    it was fine for the next week or so... but over the past week i've started to get a bit more of this groin aching and discomfort which comes and goes, (sometimes it can be ok for a good few hours... and then it returns for a bit). along with an upset stomach... and my joints are hurting (back and arms..this isn't a regular occurence)... the groin pain isn't really "in" the scrotum,,, its more either hte left or right hand side away from the scrotum itself.... it tends to move around.. and its sometimes also around my anal regions or thighs.

    i've frantically checked for lumps a lot of times (erm.. pretty much every night!?) and i dont think i can find anything. the only things i can find are two softish "lumps" sort of linked..but sort of detached from the top of each testicle.. in the same place... which im led to believe the epidimusorwhateveritscalled. there is nothing i can find which is actually on the testicle in a weird place.... each testicle seems quite smooth and 'normal' (i hope?!).. and theres not really any signs of swelling or one being harder than the other really

    my doctor said if it was TC it would be an pretty obvious, hard painless lump, and after a lot of rumaging around i'm struggling to find anything obvious, hard and lumpy.

    does anyone have any ideas? i'm a bit confused cos i thought if it was TC the pain would probably still be there during hte time i was on antibiotics... this doesn't stop me worrying tho! is swelling usually a primary symptom of the disease?

    i am rambling a bit i'm sorry... but i am in a bit of discomfort and as you can see by name.. i am a worrier... and i'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on this... and possibly calm my worries a little bit til my next appointment with my doctor to check my blood

    The Worrier
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    If the lump isn't on the testical then it isn't going to be TC
    Now pain is no indication of cancer my lump hurt and it was cancer so being a painless lump doesn't really mean a thing.
    If you have any lump it should be checked out by a doctor to rule out cancer or infection most lumps are just cyst and most go away on there own.
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