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US and blood test, how sure???

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  • US and blood test, how sure???

    Hey, new here.

    I recently felt what might be a lump in my left testicle, but I'm not sure; however, I'm still having it checked out by a urologist soon. My question is, how "positive" is an US and blood marker test?

    Is there a chance they could both miss something, or is it pretty much a sure thing if they come back negative?

    I'm a bit of a worrier if you couldn't tell .

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    Also, if the urologist doesn't "feel" anything, should I still push for an ultrasound, or should I just let it rest.

    I hate worrying...


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      Welcome to the forum. Between the ultrasound and the blood they won't miss a problem. So when the doc tells you your ok you will be able to stop worrying. If the urologest doesn't feel anything push for an ultrasound anyway. You would be shocked how often the tumor is completly encased in the testicle. Good luck with the doctor and let us know what the results are. Remember if you do have a problem were here for you and you will be cured.
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