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  • Basket Case. Please help!

    Long story, so please bear with me.

    I was first diagnosed with Epididymitis about eight years ago-- I’m twenty-eight. The antibiotics didn’t quite clear it up, and it continued to return over a number of years. Within the last several, I’ve had reoccurring pain in my scrotum and testicles to varying degrees. Within the last year and a half, I’ve seen three doctors who all informed me that it was indeed Epididymitis and that there was nothing to worry about. However, it has gotten to the point where I am in a certain amount of pain for days at a time.

    To make matters worse there is a small, pin-sized on each of my testicles. They have been there for quite some time-- at least two years. Recently-- a year, maybe-- I’ve had blood work done, and an ultrasound within the last two months. Both came back negative (I actually asked the guy if he though, as a professional, there was anything to worry over, and he said no, it didn’t look like it to him). The latest GP that I saw felt the lumps, asked me if I’d had a ultrasound and if I’d seen a urologist-- he later booked me an appointment, but I have to wait about six weeks. As well, he gave me a prostate exam and told me it was “spongy” and there’s another tiny lump there.

    Right now, I’m terrified. These lumps are pimple-sized, located at the top of each testicle and towards the back. My scrotum seems to have dropped within the last few months, too, but it has always been saggy because of the Epididymitis. And now I’m getting aches in my abdomen, like spider-webs of slight pain. Then there’s the “sack of worms” feeling from the Epididymitis …

    Could this be a bacterial infection that’s really spreading because of how long it’s been around? The doc seems to think the lumps might be cysts from prostatitis and Epididymitis. But until I see the urologist I’m a nervous wreck. My life is on hold because TC is always on my mind, constantly.

    This problem is really putting a dent in my life. It’s been around far too long.

    I’m really hoping someone can assuage my fears. But some advice will certainly do.


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    With the bloodwork and scans being clear I would have to agree that you don't hav tc. I would emphasize with you next doctor how much pain you're in, our doctors to a lousy job of pain management. It's also unreasonable that they haven't been able to clear up the infection. Eight years is a long time, ask your new doctor what he thinks the reason is that it hasen't cleared up. Good luck with the doctor and let us know what he finds.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I've been on Cipro for about ten days now, and there's been no relief from my pain or the symptoms. This has made things much worse in terms of my metal well being.

      Last night I woke up with pain in my right testicle. It was significant enough that I took two aspirin. It's back again today, but to a lesser degree.

      I'm terrified. Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong with me. Again, I have two tiny, pimple sized lumps towards the rear of my testicles, I've been diagnosed with Epididymitis. The ultrasound came up negative, as did a blood test. (Could they have missed it? I'm thinking, no, but anxiety got its grip on me.) My doctor also did a prostate exam and found another tiny lump there, and said my prostate felt "spongy." He figured it was a bad bacterial infection. But wouldn't the cipro clear that up?

      Hope someone can give me some answers.



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        I can say that I was diagnosed with epi about 6 years ago but all tests came back neg on that. I have pain in my right teste all of the time for days at a time and the ultrasounds and docs all say... "We don't see any reason for the pain other than bacteria" So... I know what you are going through.

        As you can probably see, I have a more serious problem now on my other post which is that I have developed a lump on my left teste... no pain there though!

        I don't know if that helps but I thought that I would let you know that I know exactly what you are saying about the pain.


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          As for the Cipro that is a good germ killer (and cheap) but may not wipe it out they may have to try another one very common for the first round of drugs to not knock it out. Let your doctor know what is going on they might want to switch you to something else.
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            Thanks guys!

            The lumps terrify me. I feel as though none of the doctors give a pinch of **** what's happening to me, other than myself. There's no way I can wait until April 07 to see a urologist. I can barley get though a day because of the anxiety and stress, let alone eight months.


            PS I called my doc today and asked again about the results of my ultra-sounds. THey said there was nothing found, nothign to worry about. Is it possible the tech missed it cause the lumps are towards the back of my testicles?