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  • Quick question (symptom for 1+ year...)

    I'm entering 10th grade right now... and I've known that i've had a lump since sometime around 7th/8th grade. I can't remember exactly when I knew I had a lump on my testical, and I can't remember when I found out what it is, but yeah. I figure since i've had it for such a long time and I haven't noticed any chances it's probably just a cyst? Yes, I know, it would be a good idea to go and get it checked up, and I probably will before I go back to school. I haven't experienced any other symptoms, and I think if it was truly a problem the cyst would've grown by now? Also, if teh cyst was cancerous would it be stuck on the testical? Because when my scrotum is relaxed enough I can almost pick up the cyst from off the testical, which makes me think it's just a watet-filled cyst or some other sort. There is also no pain when I do this. Thanks

    - Mike

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    If it were cancer it would be part of the testicle. From what you're describing it sounds like a cyst. Of course the only way to be sure is to have it checked by a urologist.
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