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First post...I have some questions

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  • First post...I have some questions

    Hello all,

    I found this forum while looking for some info about TC. I am a 21 yr old guy and about 2 weeks ago, I noticed a lump (about the size of a bug bite) at the base of my penis, on the very top of the scrotum.

    After reading a few threads I have heard some people say that if its on the scrotum and not the actual testical, it probably is not cancer. Either way, I plan to get it checked out.

    I was wondering what type of doctor I should see and if it would be possible to get the u/s done at the same appointment. I'm a student and have health insurance through my mother (Anthem). I don't have a local doctor. There is student health, but its pretty crummy at my school. Any ideas?


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    What you have won't be testicular cancer so you can rest easy with that. I would go to a urologist to have that checked but he most likely won't be able to do an ultrasound in his office. That would probably be scheduled for your local hospital, if the doctor thinks it's urgent he may be able to schedule it for the same day and if he doesn't think it's important he may not schedule one at all.
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      You might have to start with your family doctor or a local doctor at student health and then they might have to refer you to a URO if needed. It all depends on the insurance plan. (PS Student health isn't that bad and they know the what types of medical problems students your age have it isn't like they see a lot of young kids all day with ear aches just college students mostly around the same age so they can be well trained in disorders that your family doctor might not see that often if they treat people of all ages.)
      Good Luck
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        thanks for the responses guys. I'll talk to my insurance company and figure out what I need to do.