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  • How did I get it?!

    After finding a lump on my epididimys, on waiting for 3 days, and enduring exruciating pain, and a slight fever, i finally went to my family doctor (it's a rule that you have to go to your family doctor first in Canada, you can't just go to a urologist).

    She told me that it may be epididmitis, she gave an antibiotic, where i took 2 250mg pills in the afternoon, and then 2 250mg pills before i slept, and that was it. Is that normal, usually antibiotics are given over a week!!??

    Although the pain subsided, their is some slight pain, and I have to wait for my appointment with a urologist for another 1-3months. This just shows how bad the medical system is in Canada.

    The problem is that I am 17 i never had sex, and I have no idea how i caught the bacteria, I never got knocked on my testicels, so how did i get it epididmytis??

    I have another question, just out of curiousty; Can sperms be stored, say someone is diagnosed with cancer, and they fear that the remaining testicel will not function properly, can sperms be stored, for later use in IVF?
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    Welcome to the forums, Falastini!

    Epididymitis isn't necessarily caused by a sexual transmitted disease, but can also be because of a urinary tract infection, for example. A fever is a common symptom of epididymitis, so it does seem likely that the doctor has correctly identified the cause of the pain. Also, the fact that the pain has subsided after starting the treatment with antibiotics is reassuring.

    I must confess, I don't know how the treatment for the disease is normally done, so I can't comment on the adminstration of the antibiotics. Maybe one of the other users has some insight here?

    A waiting time of 1-3 months? We've got a socialized health system here in Denmark as well, which can cause rather long waits.. but 1-3 months is just crazy. If the antibiotics doesn't fully resolve the issue, I would insist on seeing a urologist sooner. Also, I would suggest you see your family doctor again if there's still pain (even if it's slight).

    About storing sperm, that it certainly possible. Also, I'm sure the health system would pay for the costs. But try not to get too far ahead of yourself yet.. so far it's overwhelmingly likely to be something far less serious than cancer.

    Hope this helps!

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