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Longtime symptoms w/ no change, but still....

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  • Longtime symptoms w/ no change, but still....

    I'm currently trying to set up a urology appointment before I leave for school, but I was wondering if anyone here has ever noticed symptoms like mine with their cancer cases, or if I'm just being completely wrong about suspecting I have that:

    For at least 5 or 6 years now, I've noticed a "lump" (I guess...) in the bottom tip region of each testicle. They're a little smaller than one of these things ( ) and have not changed significantly over the years. They are more firm than the testicle itself, but not close to being rock, or frozen pea, hard. The thing is, they also come and go by the hour/day (most days, they aren't there), which is why I believe it might just be part of an engorged connective vessel or something. Has anyone heard of this before? I've noticed no changes in the texture of each testicle otherwise, and they are both reasonably spongy with no uneven areas inside. Their appearance isn't directly related to any kind of activity, and they cause no pain (probably the only reason i know they're there is because of compulsive and probably unhealthy checking every couple of days). However, I sometimes have mild testicular discomfort that I associate with muscle strain ( affects upper inside quadriceps, lower abdomen and everything in between). I used to think mild torsion w/o the swelling/discoloration, but now think it has something to do with poor biomechanics. The vessels behind the testicle become highly sensitive and unconfortable to the touch.

    I don't rationally think this is anything serious, as the statistics lean away from cancer (years of possible symptoms, affects both testicles, etc.) but I'm about the right age now (18 yr. old Asian American), and I'm pretty concerned. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I suspect you're just feeling the tail of the epididymis, a normal part of the testicle. Have you ever asked your doctor during a routine physical?
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      i get these, i have them on my left testicle, in the bottom tip, it cause me to have lower stomach pain and some testicle pain once in a while..actually its not pain, it just bother me. I have these for a year or two..i am pretty sure this is not cancer? i am gonna get it check soon everything u describe i have, also i am 18 years old asian canadian.what a concidence