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  • dadmo
    It certainly doesn't sound like testicular cancer but you may have something going on with your prostrate. I wouldn't assume cancer but you may have some infection. In any event get that checked and please let us know what the doctor says. We can always use this information for future referance.

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  • agent79
    started a topic getting worried

    getting worried

    hi guys
    about a week ago got pain in right tesicle up to lower right abdomen feels like a dull ache that gets severe when im on my feet for a while.real trouble starts during intercourse when approaching climax usually have to stop due to pain, when i do climax a severe pain in right testicle and lower abdomen feels like a real bad crap ejaculation seems to hold back as if being really forced out pain is really bad so i usually stop anyone got any ideas not lumps etc although feels like carrying a tennis ball in lower stomach when bending over really starting to freaK out now any advice before i see doc appreciated
    thanks.....age 39 if any good.