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  • worried gf

    my bf has just told me tonight that he's passing blood when ejectulation but it's already when he pee's.he's also getting pains in his groin feeling sick and this the firat signs.

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    I don't know if these are signs of cancer or not (I know I didn't have any blood in my urine or semen), but it does sound like something he should see a doctor about as soon as possible.

    Do what my fiance did to me, keep pressuring him to go to a doctor until he finally does it just to shut you up.

    Honestly, at the time it was a little annoying having my fiance tell me "Go to a doctor and get that checked out" every day, but that's what saved my life.


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      These are very likely symptoms of something other than cancer. Check out this link and this link for details.
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