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    Just got copy of last report from ultrasound. Dont know what it means just yet. If anyone can add some light to this feel free too. I am still looking up some of the works.

    Stable testicular ultrasound; 6mm focus that is hypoechoic within the right testicle, most consistent with perhaps a granulomatous nodule from prior trauma. This has shown interval groth dating back to march 2006.

    Anyone whom can tell me what this is wright me.

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    Hi Lockup:

    Hypoechoic means an area that did not reflect the ultrasound waves as strongly as the rest of the testicle. In your case this area was about 6mm in diameter. Granulomas can form following an injury and are often composed of inflamatory tissue, scar tissue and white blood cells.

    I'm not sure what they mean by "interval growth"

    It sounds like the radiologist thinks this is a non-cancerous lesion, that formed after an injury to the testicle.

    Did you have an ultrasound in march 2006? It appears they were comparing this to a previous scan.

    You might just have to monitor this, let us know what the doc says.
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      They may be seeing a small bit of previous damaged tissue from an injury long ago or it could be a small calcium deposit... Doesn't sound like much to be worrried about (easier said then done)... Best of luck to you!!!!!!
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