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    Sorry if this is long, but I'd really appreciate your knowledge.

    I have found a small hard ball in my scotum. It is round, and maybe around 2mm in width. It doesn't seem to be attached to any of my testicles, but it does seem to be on the end of some kind of tube (maybe a vein? I'm not sure - I'm not that up on the human anatomy).

    Admittidly, I have known about it for several months now (yes, I know I'm stupid for waiting this long), and have been putting it to the back of my mind. Lately it has come forth (as in I've started to think about it again), and I realise now, that I really can't ignore this any longer.

    The ball (I can only really describe it as a ball-bearing like shape) hasn't grown at all in the time that I've had it. But, recent pains/aches are what are causing a big concern for me.

    I have been reading around on the subject to see what it is I may have. Many say that if it is not attached to any of the testicles, then it is definitely not cancer. This makes me a little more relieved, but can somebody confirm this? Neither of my testicles feel hard (well, they feel firm, but they have a soft edge to them - which I think is pretty much how they should normally feel), so I think that the only foreign object down there is this small ball-bearing like ball.

    Feeling around, I have also noticed that the veins on the left side are larger than the veins on the right side. I remember going to the doctor with this as a child, and he said that it was "normal" for one side to be slightly larger than the other. I have been reading around on this subject, and it sounds like this is indeed not normal, and is called a varicocele. It doesn't seem to be visible on the outer skin, but I can feel it.

    Recently, I have been experiencing a little pain. I have had a dull ache in what I think is the lower abdomen (just below my belly), a pain/ache in the scrotum (I don't think I can pin-point the sensation directly to one of the testicles or the hard ball for that matter, but rather in the general area, but sometimes it may be biased to one side - sometimes the left, sometimes the right), and also just yesterday, I experienced a pain/ache in the upper left thigh (just below my groin). The pains/aches are not constant, they come and go, and only really last for a short while at a time.

    I'm not sure if this is related in any way, but I think it would be best to mention it anyway. But, over the past, maybe, six months, I've been complaining of an alternating chest pain. It will appear on the left side for a few times in a day, then go away for days (sometimes a week or two), then I'll feel it on my right side for same kind of duration. Sometimes it will appear in the centre of the chest, too. Although, this isn't as common as either of the sides.

    Again, I'm not sure if this is related, but, also over the same time period, I have been experiencing random tired spells. Sometimes I will just be sitting there, and boom, my eye lids will become heavy, and I'll feel very exhausted. I have to go to sleep for an hour or two in order to recover from it.

    For the latter two issues, I have been tested for nearly every common issue under the sun (anemia, diabetes, etc). I have also had a couple of ECG's. All results have come back negative and pointed to nothing. I have been under a heavy load of work (written theory work), so the doctors could only suggest that it may be down to stress.

    I am only 20 years old, so I am really concerned about the whole situation. I am building up the courage to go and see the doctor as we speak (so I'll probably go within the next week).

    Can anybody please share their knowledge, experience, and maybe provide some reassurance concerning any area of the situation?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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    sounds like a lot of what you are feeling is stress related work, school, life after work and school all can build up and drain our battery.
    As for the bump it doesn't sound like T/C but any bumps or lumps need to be looked at as it might be something that is easily treated. Some of the easy to treat things if left untreated can cause other problmes that are harder to correct.
    Trust me when I say the doctor has seen everything before just tell him you need this checked out and he will and you will feel a lot better after the exam with that part of it off your mind. I can say I waited too long thinking it would go away like many of us on the board, but I was lucky and still caught it early.
    Good luck with the exam and let us know how it turns out.
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      It sounds like you have a cyst. The statement that it can't be tc if it's not attached to the testicle is correct. Your other symptoms would be unrelated to the cyst. You should visit a doctor just to be sure.
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        Thank you both very much for your replies. I really appreciate them!

        Would you say that the pain/ache sensations in the scrotum, groin, and thigh areas that I'm experiencing are related to it, though? It makes sense that they would be, but then I suppose that the body can react to stress in lots of weird and maybe not so wonderful ways, can't it?

        Also, why would the pain in the scotum alternate between each side?



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          Also, are there many risks involved with the presence of cysts in the scrotum? What can they possibley lead to?

          Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, since I understand that there are a lot of other people around here that also need your knowledge, too!



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            A persistant cyst can cause some problem none of which are life threatning. There can be pain related to a cyst. The doctor may be able to remove some fluid from the cyst (through a tiny needle) and if the pain is unchanged the cyst is unlikely to be the culprit. If the cyst is in a sensitive location or it has grown large enough to the point where the pain is a daily problem it can be removed by a surgeon.
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              Thank you, dadmo!

              Any more knowledge/experience knowledge is still appreciated from others that may be around here!

              Thanks again, you've been very helpful.