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Testicle Shrinkage + Testosterone Issues?

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  • Testicle Shrinkage + Testosterone Issues?

    Hi Guys,

    I am really hoping someone can help me out here as i am under constant worry and axiety. Here is little back story.

    About 3/4 years ago i got hit in the right testicle by someone's foot while playing football. The ball didn't seem to get "damaged" as such but the attached tube (i think?) seemed to swell up a fair bit and caused some bad discomfort for about 3/6 months.

    I was told this was "Varicocele" (spelling?) after i got a checkup a few months after the initial "hit". I was given some medication (anti-bacterial) but it didn't seem to help much.

    After a few months (maybe less) this cleared and the pain went away. Every now and then the pain would return but nothing serious (just a slight discomfort).

    I always felt that the "growth" (i was going through puberty at the time) seemed to have somewhat 'stunted' with the right testicle and it never seemed to get much bigger than a grape (it seem's very small even now). I always believed this due to the blood flow or something with the testicle, but the doctor didn't detect any "twisting" or anything so i assumed everything was still in working order.

    However the left testicle seemed to continue growing and become large, smooth and 'heavy'. I had no problems up until a few a weeks ago.

    I have never had any sex issues and can ejaculate with no problems (even now it seems).

    However a few week's i got hit in the left testicle (though not really hard - just a slight impact by someone falling between my legs (but not landing direct on the testicle)) and it caused some pain in my groin/testicle area. I noticed no swelling, discolouring or any other physical sign of injury.

    Ultimately the pain still exists even today but has somewhat calmed down a bit (though sometimes pain can return and causes some shooting pains down my leg, lower back, etc).

    After some serious worry, I noticed that "both" (or at least the left) testicle seemed to have changed shape and size somewhat and had became smaller (almost half what it used to be). I admiited myself to hospital for a checkup and the doctor said everything was fine and the change in size/shape was due to the impact (?).

    For a few weeks now the testicle(s) have gotten alot smaller and they are like two small marbles instead of being large, heavy like before.

    The doctor said not to worry but i really can't help but worry. The left testicle feel's alot less "heavy" and like a large grape now rather than the way it used to be (a large heavy mass with good "normal" size).

    I have since visited two doctors now and had everything checked three times, but they keep telling me everything is fine. Since the last visit their has been a large decrease in the testicle(s) size and i am starting to look like what they did when i was 13/14.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I had a blood test done today and should be getting the results back next week. Could this be a testosterone issue? Is it possible for the testicles to return to their "normal" size? I was told by the doctor's there wasn't any strangulation (twisting) of the cords and no actual testicle damage so it was difficult to highlight what caused the actual "shrinkage" and change in shape.

    I have also noticed i don't seem to be getting as many morning erections as i used too and maintaining an erection is also difficult (this could be caused by stress though - related with the above)

    If anything "serious" comes from this testicle shrinkage and they have to be removed for whatever reason, will i still be able to "perform" sexually when i am put on hormone replacement treatment/testosterone medication and have the testicles removed?

    Having both testicles removed is of course an extreme situation but i would still really like to hear from others who have had two artificial testicles and had replacement treatment. I am only 23 so really worried about the whole situation

    Best Regards,

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    "Having both testicles removed is of course an extreme situation but i would still really like to hear from others who have had two artificial testicles and had replacement treatment. I am only 23 so really worried about the whole situation"

    Well, I guess you want to talk to me then-- I lost both testicles to cancer, have two implants and I am on hormone replacement. I am willing to answer any questions you may have. If you want, send a private message and I will reply ASAP. I hope all goes well.
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      Well, it sounds like testicular atrophy. Did your doctors use that term? Are you having your testosterone levels checked?
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        My husband was born with one testicle and the other had not decended. When he had surgery at five to "bring it down" it had atrophied. He lost the other to TC. He has been on TRT since 1980 and he is fine. As long as you are on the right dosage of testosterone, your sex life will not suffer. Unfortunately, it does sound like your testicles are starting to atrophy. My father injured a kidney when he was 6, it never grew. It did function somewhat. To be on the safe side, I would recommend that you have a sperm count done and some testosterone testing. Hopefully, you are producing sperm. Based on your history, you might think about banking. Are you seeing a urologist? It pays to see an expert. Good luck. Dianne
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          You really should be evaluated by a urologist. While it doesn't sound like TC, what you're describing is certainly not a normal condition. It could be related to your injury; there are also certain viruses that attack the testicular tissue. Although rare due to vaccination, mumps is a good example of this. As Dianne said, it definitely pays to see an expert.

          Best wishes.
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            i would definitly go and see a urologist. they will be able to extensively check you out and determine what's up. sounds as though its not cancer related! keep us posted!
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              Very special thanks to everyone for offering advice - i can't thank you all enough for the support.

              I should be getting the blood test results back next week (Wednesday i think) and these will have the required testotrone results. I will post these when i get them. One thing i reported to the doctor was that i was a little more tired than usual but this could be due to my heavy lifting job and also the mental strain when i come home and do work.

              I then have another GP (Doctor's) appointment next friday and will take my findings from the results further.

              At this stage i am not really worried, i am just happy to be alive and have great support from excellent people like everyone here

              After doing some further checking tonight, i have noticed that the left ball "might" be re-gaining some mass and the testicle itself dosen't look damaged (infact neither look black/blue or have any signs of physical damage). If i am suffering from "testicular atrophy" (which i thought also) then it must be linked with the cords or blood flow in some way because i can see no other physical signs associated with this.

              Is it possible that the testicles could still be functioning well? They both appear to be functioning as i still get erections, ejaculate (and have what look's like sperm in the seman) and still have hair growth/muscle developement (showing signs of testorone?).

              I am going to keep calm until the evaluation, either way i am sure thing's will work out and i will be able to maintain a normal life style eitherway.