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Really worried Can you please help me

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  • Really worried Can you please help me


    first my english is not the greatest but ID try my best so that you can understand what I feel :/

    Last week I was sitting normaly playing my ps2 very happy when suddenly I "scuash" by accident my right testicle in that moment I got the tipical pain that you get when you hurt you testicles that awwwful pain. anyway... since last sunday til today Ive been feeling that FEELING that I hurt my testicle again ( is just the sensation no pain at all ) and my right testicle is a little bit bigger than the left one but just alittle bit so basicly ive been having the feeling since last week so yesterday I did abit of research about TC and the only thing that worries me is that my right one is bigger and is ABIT just abit high up

    I masturbated yesterday and I came normaly no problem my testicle were fine , no pain no nothing. after finishing my masturbation both testicles were just the same size :/

    I might be worring for no reason but I need someone to tell me if I have something wrong its been over a week and the feeeling is still there :/ I touched it and I cant find a lump or anything like that.

    thank you very much!!!

    Paul UK.

    edit : I forgot : im 25 years old.

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    It's difficult to say Paul but it sound's like everything is fine if you didn't notice any swelling or any discolouring.

    It's normal for your testicles to be different sizes (though any noticable enlargement or swelling is something that must be checked out by a GP).

    I strongly advise you to go see a doctor just to put your mind at ease and to verify you haven't done any damage to the testicle itself (or attached tubes).

    Let us know how you get on!


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      Hi Paul:

      It is normal:
      1. for one testicle to be slightly larger than the other
      2. for one testicle to hang slightly lower than the other

      It sounds like you bruised your testicle, it can take a while for the pain to go away completely.

      Follow this link

      for instruction on how to do a proper self-exam.

      Best wishes.
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        Thank you VERY much for your attention is really helpful to have people who knows or can give an advice sometimes.

        Thank you very mucho Ill check proper then go to the nhs.( and wait 4 hours dont you just love english hospitals )


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          Kind of weird to be having pain a week later.. You really should have that looked at!!!
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