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Spot on Scrotum..TC relation??

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  • Spot on Scrotum..TC relation??

    I have recently noticed a dark brown spot located on my scrotum, barely beneath the skin on the shaft of the penis. This spot is a little bit bigger than a freckle and is irregular in shape. The spot is not a bump or anything, just a small discoloration. I am in my early 20's and I want to get it checked out, but I am not sure where to get it checked out at? A General Physician? Dermatologist? Another type of clinic? I looked up skin cancer on the scrotum and could not find alot of information, so I came here...any advice??? Thanks

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    Welcome BillyJo,

    I would probably see a General Physician about it. He can send you on to a specialist, if needed (which I'm guessing would be a dermatologist). But you needn't worry about it being TC, which wouldn't show up in this way!

    Might it be that you always had the discoloration, but just didn't notice it before now?

    Hope this helps.

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