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Testicle Shrinkage (Varicocele?)

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  • Testicle Shrinkage (Varicocele?)

    I am still waiting on getting my results back for the urine and blood tests. However tonight after doing some "further" research i have discovered something which i think "might" offer a positive outlook on the situation.

    I am starting to think the main reason for my left testicle "shrinking" might be caused by a varicocele. I noticed an enlargment of the "tubes" above the left testicle and how they are causing some discomfort.

    Can a varicocele be caused by injury (not serious injury, just a bad "knock") to the testicle/tubes? I have heard that having surgrey can (in most cases) reverse the testicle shrinkage and "catch-up" growth will occur (bringing the testicle back to it's "normal" size after surgery). Does anyone else know anything about this or willing to offer any kind of advice regarding this?

    I have noticed the actual "pain" (dull ache / dragging / shooting pains) are not coming from the testicle itself but rather than "tube" on the left testicle which makes me think that this is a Varicocele, though i could be wrong. I think only a scan will really tell (i really need to get refered to a urologist soon).

    I did however notice the pain isn't as bad when i am lying in bed and the testicle is elevated. I have also been trying to "support" the testicles alot more with tighter underwear (this probably isn't really the best thing for sperm counts - but it does help with the pain).

    Before the left testicle injury, i have always had a very small right testicle which also has all the symptoms of a varicocele also (enlarged cord/veins, etc). However this has been like this for 5/6 years now so i doubt i will be able to get "catch-up" growth now after all these years (but fingers crossed i guess?).

    When i had the first examination the doctor did point out that i had "enlarged veins" on the left side but shouldn't worry too much about it. I have however started getting more pain and i am still "sure" that the testicle is shrinking.

    While this isn't cancer, this forum has some great people that offer some excellent advice, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.