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  • Megazoid
    This dosen't sound like testicular cancer but rather something else (I've had something similar sounding myself). TC is usually a painless growth/lump with no pain (though not always the case).

    It sound's as if you have injuired yourself while moving house and the pain (bruising, nerve damage, etc) can take weeks, if not months to go away.

    Best to get this checked out by the doctor just to be sure.

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  • Trevildo
    started a topic Really Worried

    Really Worried

    I had never thought about having TC until i seen someone worried about it and read the symptoms, now i believe i may have it.

    About a month ago i moved house and since then ive had lower back pain, in the past week my one ball has felt painful as if ive squashed it and looks like its dropped lower. I cant see any lumps or anything and cant feel them. Also may add ive had pains in my left elbow and Knee, the ball that feels pain is also on the left.

    What do you think?