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  • Please help, worried :(

    Hi guys. I've always been pretty worried about testicular cancer, the first time I checked when i was about 15/16 (I'm 20 now), I found a lump, not exactly a good start. The lump was not attatched to the testicle, it is at the top and behind the testicle, it is about the size of a pea maybe a bit bigger, and has veins that run out of it, I assume these are the veins of the epididymis or something, I really don't know, it's so wierd it's almost like a third testicle. I am really confused about what this is still to this day, but as I'm still here I assume it is not anything dangerous?

    But now recently checking, both of my testicles are hard to the toutch. Now, I haven't felt anyone else's testicles, but my girlfriend says that they are harder than others she has felt, lol. Is this normal, to be slightly hard? With normal ones can you press in and have your fingers almost meet?! Also, on my left testicle, right at the top, there is a very small lump, is this where the epidydimis meets the testicle? On the other testicle it seems that instead of this there is the epidydimis. Also the thing I noticed when I was 15/16 has grown slightly.

    Is any of this anything to be worried about, or am I looking for the complete wrong things? Thanks so much for any help

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    I have no answers for you. My best answer would be get it checked out by an Urologist. When my husband when to the doctor his Testie had tripled in size and was hard as a rock. It did also cause a great deal of pain/discomfort. After the pathology reports came back we found out that the reason for the pain was because the Tumor ran out of a bloodsupply and was trying to get it from other parts. Please keep us updated.


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      Hello and Welcome
      As to your first question if the lump isn't on the testicle then it usually isn't cancer or not T/C anyway.
      I would guess you have a cyst or other common problem that a URO would be able to help you out with.
      Now firmness it should be firm I wouldn't want anyone squeezing it too hard I am sure what you are feeling is normal since not everyone is built the same and our body does change a little over time.
      If I had a lump I would go in to see the doctor make sure to write down all of your questions so you don't forget any, as it is easy to do when the doctor is in a hurry.
      Here is a link for a self exam
      If you have any other questions fire away.
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        I think you should get it checked out at your GP, just to be sure. I wouldn't worry about the firmness if both testicles are the same, though.. TC in both testicles at the same time is EXTREMELY rare.

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          Thanks alot for the replies! It's great that I found this forum...I've had this always in the back of my mind for years since I found the first thing, and haven't talked to anyone about it, and even been scared to toutch down there!

          What about the lump on the top? Everywhere that tells you about how to do the self-exam says to not mistake the epididymis for a lump. Is it normal to feel a very small lump on the top of the testicle as if a bit of dirt is there, is that what they mean?


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            Originally posted by chino
            With normal ones can you press in and have your fingers almost meet?!
            Whoever told you this has NO idea what they are talking about. Normal testicles are fairly firm but you can press in on them slightly. You, cannot, however, have you fingers meet in the middle!! They should not, however, be rock hard.

            As everyone else said, youd should get to the urologist, but I'll bet you've got epididymal cysts.

            Best wishes.
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              If you have a lump on the ball itself then you need to see the doctor ASAP if you are worried about talking to the nurse when you call don't be they will ask you what you came in for tell them the truth or tell them you just want to talk to the doctor about some groin pain they won't ask too many more questions. The Doc will come in make small talk then tell him you have a question about a lump you felt doing a self exam, he will ask to see the man parts 30 seconds later you are done and he will talk to you about what he thinks is going on. Easy... Like fish said most problems are not cancer but if you don't get them treated they can cause other problems down the road. Even if you get the all clear make sure to do the self exams every month very important for 18 to 40 age group.
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                I would suggest making an appiontment with a Urologist ASAP.. You probably don,t have TC but have other issues that need to be addressed... Best of luck!!!!!
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