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  • Dont know what to do....

    Hi I am new to this site I have read a lot of info and just want to get an opinion from you guys and gals. When I was 15 or 16 I cant remember I noticed a small, but firm, lump on my right testicle on the side of it. I told my parents about it and we went to see our family doctor. He felt the lump and said it was nothing to worry about. I am now 20 and the lump is still there it has not grown or anything like that.
    My situation is, for the past 2 months or so I have had a dull pain in my left testicle. I tried to do a self exam and I discovered there is a small lump right where the vein meets the testicle it is not as big as the lump on the right though. When I touch the spot where the lump is I get this sharp pain that goes through my abdomen, I cannot tell if the pain is comming from the lump or the vein, it feels more like it is comming from the vein. Any advice you guys could give me would be great thanks.....

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    With the lump being 4-5 years old it's unlikely to be testicular cancer. I would still get to a urologist and find out what it is. It may be a simple cyst but any unexplained testicular pain or lumps should be examined.
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      Thats what worries me. I am not worried about the one that has been there for years. I am just worried about this new pain that I have been feeling. Would cancer give pain like that? When I do check it, which I do probably every other day because it is starting to worry me, it gives that sharp pain then I feel a dull ache for a while after that. So, I dont know if I am getting in the way of it healing itself or not cause I keep checking to see if it is there. Also, the lump on my left testicle, I am not sure if it has been there scence I discovered the first lump. This lump is softer and harder to feel because it is soo close to the vein. Thank you for such a fast response, I really do appreicate it.....