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  • No further forward (next stage?)

    I got my blood results back from my GP today and everything was "normal" and "healthy" (kidneys, blood count, no swelling in body, etc). The urine samples were also clear and showed no negative signs (no bugs, infections, etc)

    My main problem is that the testicle pain is still very bad and i know for certain that the testicle is shrinking (very slowly though it seems - but still very noticable, it's nothing like it was before the injury (which was only really a mild "knock")).

    I have always had a very large left testicle due to injury that occured to the right testicle which (i believe) caused testicular atrophy to occur. The left testicle seemed to take up the job of the right one and do double the work (thus resulting in a very large left testicle). I have had the right testicle evaluated by a GP, but i was told everything is "normal" with the size difference. I haven't hower had a full scan (or x-ray?) to see the blood flow and sperm count, so it's difficult to say for sure. What would be the common setup if i was forwarded to a urologist?

    Regarding the left testicle (which is causing pain) - I haven't had any scans or even had the green lift to see a urologist and have no other way of getting seen or evaluated by one unless the GP see's-fit (NHS). He's been my family doctor for years now and a very experienced health professional (though i am starting to think otherwise now!).

    He keep's telling me i am worrying too much about this and causing my own trauma to exist. I know this isn't the case as the pain caused by the testicle area is very painful when standing or sitting for long periods of time, and is showing all the signs of being a varicocele (imho).

    I was given a prescription that i was told would reduce the pain and hopefully help with the discomfort (i assumed some kind of powerful pain killer). I haven't had time to pick up the prescription but after searching on the internet i have discovered that i was given an anti-depressent rather than a pain killer

    This kind of situation really angers me. Even though i was worried and anxious during the evaluations and showed signs of depression due to the pain caused by the testicle, i still think i should have been sent to a urologist to ease my mind further and have a proper evaluation to make sure testicular atrophy dosen't occur in this testicle also. I am trying to catch it out early this time round and get any required surgery done or the varicocele removed.

    Having researched many websites and white papers i am confident that the condition i have is caused by a small/medium sized varicocele that is causing a blood flow problem to the testicle resulting in decreased size and causing discomfort.

    I am feeling really lost and a little angry due to the situation, so hopefully someone can offer some advice or help
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    In a somewhat similiar situation, my left testicle shrunk over a period of a few years. That is the one that was eventually removed and was found to have early stage TC. Your pain can be caused from a number of issues, including a varicocele. The best advice I can give to demand seeing a urologist and get an ultrasound of both testicles. If your GP is truly someone you've seen for a long time, he should make this referral happen before precribing anti depression meds!

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      Glad your results so far have been normal, but sorry to hear you can't get a referral to a urologist. What about going to the emergency room with "severe pain in the testicle"? Maybe not quite true, but if it would help get you checked out.

      Did your GP run a testosterone level check?

      Regarding the antidepressant, some are used to treat pain, although they are usually prescribed for nerve pain. My orthopedist tried several for my sciatic problems.

      I hope you can work out something to resolve your pain issue. It sucks being stuck in a health care beauracracy.

      Best wishes.
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        You really should be seen by a urologist and not even all of them are good. Bite the bullet and pay for the office visit yourself. If the urologist feels more tests need to be done, then the urologist should contact your family phsician and get the referral. If indeed they find something in an u/s then I am sure your insurance carrier will pay for the urologists visit. It's your health, your body, take charge. Don't waste any more time. You might end up with regrets. I don't think you have TC but any abnormality should be checked. You sound like a pretty intelligent guy. Dianne
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