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    Alright, A While Back 2-3 Months, I Noticed That My Left Testicle Was Mushy, and Not as Firm as My Right One, About A Week Ago I Found a Growth On the Exterior Top of that Testicle (It's Shaped Like a Pea and on the Tip Exterior of My Left Testicle) Do I Have Cancer? (There Is No Pain Or Uncomfort Whatsoever)

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    I have no way of telling if you have cancer but I would call a urologist ASAP. You certainly have something wrong.
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      I will say this to you and to anyone else on here who is worried about possibly having cancer: In my (albeit humble) opinion, worrying about having testicular cancer is actually worse than learning that you indeed have it. Because when you're worrying and you don't know for sure, you can't do anything about it. Now, you might go to the doctor and it will be some benign condition that you don't have to worry much about. But even if it is cancer, you can work on getting over the shock and then doing what you have to do to get it behind you.

      Either way, there are a bunch of great guys and gals here to all during the process! Go ahead and see a urologist, and let us know what you find out -- good luck!
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        I agree! I went into panic mode when I found a painless bump on my right testicle, and was in pretty bad emotional shape for all the next day. But then I found a good uroligist online, called, made an appointment, and my anxiety vanished.

        Seriously, once you've done all you can do, your body calms you down. Get the burden off your back and onto the doctor's, and you'll feel much better, I promise.
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