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some new things that worry me

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  • some new things that worry me

    Hi, before I tell you what is going on now, I will let you know the past experiences that I have with my testicle region. About 4 years ago I had a pain in my testicle and lower back pain as well. I went to an emergency care clinic and had an immediate appointment with a urologist who is a friend of our families. I had an ultrasound and blood test both came back normal and had a cat scan while drinking that lovely juice concoction. Everything came back normal. They basically said that my pain was probably going to be a chronic pain maybe radiating from the back. I have had this pain for the last 4 years, it is on and off not that bad. I went to physical therapy for a 4 months with no improvement. So basically that is my previous experience. now 4 years later...

    Recently within the last week I noticed a nodule on the top of my left testicle attached to my testicle where I believe the epididymis is attached. It is a small hard bump . My right testicle does not have this at all and my pain has always been in the left testicle and left part of my back. Starting yesterday I noticed on my left groin area a bump about an inch long and seems like a soft but firm mass, it is a little red in color but it seems to be unusually long unlike anything I have ever seen before. I am worried of having tc, all my symptoms fit tc and I will be going to see a doctor tomorrow if they are open. I am in college now and away from home so I will probably start at the health center. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.thanks so much

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    You may not have tc but you're doing the right thing getting that checked. It's quite possible that you have a cyst. Is the lump hard and fixed to the testicle or soft and can be moved around a bit?
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      I wouldn't be so sure that all your symptoms point to testicular cancer. Let the doctor help with that diagnosis. Good luck, and let us know what you find out!
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        So I went to my local urgent care office and first they said that my long bump was just an ingrown hair and they popped it and said it may have a minor staff infection so they put me on some antibiotics and wash.

        Now for the bump on my testicle the doctor was actually a survivor of testicular cancer and was diagnosed when he was 29. He said that mine looked pretty normal and said that just because it is bigger does not mean something is wrong, it could be just the way your body is. He gave me a number of a local urologist and said that he does not think anything is wrong but just to be sure I can go visit him. So basically this makes me feel better but I hope I can find something that eventually relives my pain in my testicle. I have noticed that I seem to have loosed interest in sex for no apparent reason. I have had a slight case of Gynecomastia since about 14 and have never completely grown out of it and I am 21 now. If anyone has any ideas about my problem please let me know. Thanks


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          If you've lost interest in sex and have gynecomastia, you might want to ask your doctor to run a testosterone level check. Your levels are likely normal, but with those symptoms, it's definitely worth looking into.

          Best wishes.
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