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Can't find information on what I have...

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  • Can't find information on what I have...

    Ok, just hopeing someone could maybe shed some light on what this possibly is and is not.


    I'm white, almost 21, have no known physical complaints, eat well don't feel weak, don't have any pains, just normal person I guess.

    Anyway, about, must be 4-6 years ago first noticed a pea sized lump attached to left testical, but was too scared to do anything about it (damn stupid I know), only reason I don't now is that after haveing it this long I figure I'm sort of screwed if it is cancer since waited too long and theres also the hope that surely it would have spread/I'd have got symptoms of cancer after so many years.

    As I was saying about the lump, it's pea sized and appears to be connected via a 'cord' is best description, I can touch it and the cord without pain however if I squeeze it fairly strongly theres slight pain which seems to spread through testical and up into stomach area. In general day to day life it don't bother me so I rarely think about it or know its there, some times it aches and think it has to do with bloodflow as it tends to be when I've been sitting.

    Everything I've read about testicular cancer, it don't really give much info just says like if you got a lump in scrotum, go to the doctors and that it could be vains, though I know this aint, basically is TC a growth directly ON the testical or connected to it or connected to the spermatic cord or any of those.


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    If you haven't already, read through the self-examination instructions on this TCRC page and this cancernetwork page, which includes illustrations of what is and isn't normal.
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