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BUPA (Private Health Care) - Advice Needed

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  • BUPA (Private Health Care) - Advice Needed

    I decided that because the NHS is doing very little to help (or take into account my conditions) that i should seek private advice from a urologist to help find the root of my problem.

    I live in Scotland and decided to search google for professionals in my area. I got a link from the websites to a specialist that deals with urology near where i live.

    I have since discovered that this Urologist is one of Scotland's leading surgens and has written various papers and books on the subject. He deal's with testicular disorders and various other urology related problems, so he seem's perfect to help me with my condition and a good way of getting a proper examination and maybe even some scans (though i think i have to pay seperate for these - urrrghh!)

    This urologist is a member of BUPA and work's at a BUPA hospital. At present i have no private health care so i would have to pay about £150 for a 45 minute check-up and evaluation with him.

    I am worried however that i might require varicocele removal surgery to help stop the testicle from shrinking (atrophy) or even something else done to help with thie condition. I simply wouldn't be able to afford the cost of this without getting a bank loan or an insurance pay out.

    I am willing to pay for the check-up just so i can make sure nothing serious is going on and maybe even some scans if required.

    Would joining BUPA be the best option in this case and would they accept me even if it's possible i will need surgery in the future? Should i explain to them the reasons for joining or will this stop me getting accepted? Should my first step be paying for a private checkup with this Urologist before looking into private health care or should i sign up first?

    I really have little knowledge of the private health care system so any advice on the subject would be great. I guess you can't put a price on peace of mind though!

    Can anyone give me any information on BUPA (or private health care in general) in Scotland, UK?

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    Private Health Insurance

    I have some limited knowledge of private health insurance. I do know that they will definitly not cover you for an existing condition but they will cover you for most other things.

    I have looked into how much a CT scan would cost for my partner and they have quoted me between £650-£900! Plus £150 for a consultation with the doctor (who happens to be the same doc as he has on the NHS!)

    Even if it looks like they will cover you for eveything then it'll have an exclusion in the small print. I'm afriad you'll either have to pay or go NHS

    Boyfriend left testicle removed 24/08/06, diagnosed 24/08/06. Stage 1 Seminoma, single dose Carboplatin 12/10/06.