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  • Checking here first....

    I have noticed over the past say, 3 years I will get a very painful lump, (fairly small) on one of my testicals. It will last for about 2 to three weeks or so hardly able to touch the section that it would be normally present at
    . I know I should have had this checked out, but I did not. It has reacurred about four times, I think.
    This now becoming an issue to me again of wondering, in fact if I do have tc or not.
    Should I get it checked on, as well how much would this probably cost, being im living on my own now..and rather not have my parents worried about this kind of thing.
    thank you

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    Welcome Adam,

    I would definitely get it checked out. Since you've had it for 3 years and it doesn't seem to have grown, it's unlikely to be TC. But you should still know for sure, also to see if something can be done about it, since it certainly sounds very uncomfortable.

    I'm not sure how much a doctor's visit will cost (maybe some of the US users will be able to tell) but I don't think it's too much and besides, I'm sure it will be worth the cost!

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