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Testicular Atrophy - Whats next?

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  • Testicular Atrophy - Whats next?

    I feel like i need a little support and advice and really hope you guy's can help me out. So far everyone here has been really supportive and it's great to have you guy's like a second family. Talking about issues like this with family and friend's simply generates worry in others which i don't want.

    Over the past few months I've had alot of troubles outside of testicular problems, everything from bullying at work to family problems and it's really starting to get me down. Now with the testicular worries and no one wanting to help, i feel very lost and confused. I guess it has to be said that the past few months have been the most difficult time for me in my whole life (And i've had some really tough times as a youngster).

    At this stage i want to thank everyone for offering their advice and help regarding my on-going testicular issues (I really can't stress this enough). While i don't have testicular cancer, i have been under-going alot of pain and discomfort in the testicular region as well as testicular atrophy over the past few months.

    As some will notice from my last thread, i wanted to see a private urologist to get a full evaluation (i was willing to pay) and help me move forward with this. After phoning to make an appointment i walked into some issues. The first problem was that i needed a GP to give the green-light to see this specialist. After visiting the GP a few days ago, he didn't seem intrested in my situation nor did he give me the green-light. I have been to see him five times now in the past two months and he still dosen't seem at all intrested in helping me. I want to over-ride the NHS and go private but this dosen't seem possible.

    I decided that the next stage of action would be to visit another doctor to see if i would have any luck. It turned out that i didn't have any luck and he also didn't give the green-light; complaining that i should have went back to my previous GP with these on-going issues. I am still no further forward and still in pain.

    I was also told by this doctor that nothing could be done to stop the testicular shrinkage and that surgery was out of the question unless you have a very large varicocele.

    This really got me down today and i felt a little upset about the whole situation (which is unlike me). I don't know where to turn or who to ask for help anymore. I just want some information on my condition and maybe some kind of cure for this shrinkage. I want to believe the testicular shrinkage can be cured as i have no infection's or any form of cancer, so surely something can be done to fix this...

    When i was younger (about 15/16) i had problems with my right testicle, which also caused it to shrink (or not grow fully). This has of course lead to worry now that my last remaining "good" testicle has started going down the same road after all these years. With that said i have noticed no loss of libido/sex drive or ability to get an erection, just testicle shrinkage.

    I have noticed that their is a large "lump" in the connecting tube which was never their before. This has only seemed to appear after the injury and feel's like some kind of damagad area or blood clot (not being a GP it's difficult to tell). It feel's like this is causing the pain and could be lead to starving the testicule of the needed blood supply or oxygen, which in turn is resulting in the shrinkage.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this or able to offer any kind of advice? It feel's like i'm walking about with two marbles in the bag rather than the fuller, natural way it used to be (which in itself is disturbing). Would HGC treament be able to help in this situation? I have heard this can promote testicular growth and maybe reverse the current condition?

    The shrinkage seem's to be slow but progressive. After ejaculation i notice a difference in size and it's very alarming and stopping me from having any kind of sexual function.

    If the testicle continues shrinking will hormone functions still be ok? I have heard that the actual hormone generating cells only take up a very small part of the testicle itself and that the rest of the testicle is for sperm production.

    Any help or advice would be great

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    I think you've tried to navigate the health system and play by the rules, unfortunately it hasn't gotten you anywhere. At this point, I personally would:

    1. Threaten the GP with a malpractice suit if he won't authorize a visit to a urologist


    2. Show up at the emergency room complaining of unbearable testicular pain.

    You have a situation that would be very unlikely to occur in the States as any doctor here will see you if you're willing to pay.

    Maybe some of the guys from the UK can offer better suggestions.

    Best of luck.
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      I agree. Your situation warrants a closer inspection by a qualified urologist or as Fish says, a trip to the ER. I was told twice, over the course of several years, that a shrinking testicle is normal. My I/O and TC diagnosis confirms otherwise. I'm not saying this to scare you as my impression is you are depressed at the moment. But the point is you need to find a way to have a urol take a look.

      I have not had HCG treatment, but it may be a good idea for you to have your testosterone levels tested. Espec with the shrinking testicle and if your depressed. Others here w/ more experience in this area might be able to offer better advice though.

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        I do so like the way Fish thinks! Given the repeated lack of interest from your GP I'd go a step further and make him document in your chart that you asked for a referral and he refused. However, I think UK courts are not as lawsuit crazy as we are in the US and the bottom line is you want to find out what's going I'd opt for walking into an emergency room in unbearable pain. Sounds like you have a lot of things getting you down, so a hormone level check, as Kman suggested, may be needed as well. Good luck and vent here anytime!
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