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  • Urologist - Email?

    Something strange happened yesterday afternoon when i came back from work. I had an answer phone message from my own GP telling me he wanted me to come back in and see him (i guess he is worried about my situation more than i thought). After getting no where asking for a referral maybe he has had a change of heart and want's to help me out.

    In the mean time i am trying to locate some contact information for urologist that have email and might be able to offer some advice on what to suggest to the doctor/GP.

    I expect most urologist will not reply to unsolicited messages but i can always try a few and see if i get any respone.

    Does anyone know anyone who might be worth contacting?

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    Your GP should be able to refer you to a urologist in your area. If you are not comfortable with who he refers you to there is a list of experts posted at For questions to ask your GP go to and look at that section. A urologist would have to see you and anytest results before they offer any advice or opinions. Let us know what your GP tells you and good luck.
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