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Loosing both testicles - experiences?

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  • Loosing both testicles - experiences?

    I have been in contact with a few of the guy's here on the forum regarding this and just want to find out as much as possible about this and how it effects guy's both from an emotional stand point and also physical/sexual.

    My general "grasp" is that with good testestrone medication, everything work's as normal and sexual desire and general "well-being" is almost fully restored. How long after having the testicles removed does it take for this to happen? I am curious to know as much as possible about getting the "Old-Dave" back after this. I am not sure what's worse the chronic testicular pain or having them removed!

    I have spoken to a few guys' here on the forum (Ras Joe, Fish, etc) and they both provided me with some excellent help and advice. These guy's are true hero's for me and have been great support.

    I guess i am just looking for general experiences with testestrone drugs, implants and a general idea of what to expect. I have heard that mood swings and such like can occur as well as hot flushes and other issues.

    With testosterone treatement will i still be able to maintain my weight, adult features (beard growth, public hair, strength, etc)? Will i put weight on while undergoing treatement? I have heard about guy's becoming less active and suffer from concentration issues as well as becoming fatigue.

    While i don't have testicular cancer i do have serious testicular atrophy and think that the only way to cure this is by getting both testicles removed and getting artificial implants is the best option. I am however willing to try surgery or any other options that could reverse these problems.

    Any personal experiences, stories or information would be great to help me understand how to best approuch this and how to get my sex drive/ability back to normal.

    I am aware that loosing both testicles dosen't effect your ability to orgasm or ejaculate, but will make you loose your sex drive and be unable to get an erection without using medication (gel, injections, etc).

    I am sure everyone can understand how difficult this is for a guy of my age (23) and why i am so worried.

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    i can feel your pain brother! all that you said is correct. those things can and will occur if hormone replacement is not done. i haven't been at this as long as the others you mentioned but i can relate. i started with the injections and they weren't that bad at first. after awhile they began to become really unstable with peaks and valleys of energy. mostly valleys. i had acne appear on my back that i never had before and they were nuisance. the sex never really changed for me. i have noticed some decrease in erection size but nothing major. i switched to androgel and all is good. no sweats, no erection problems/desire, energy levels are great. i couldn't be more pleased!!!! i did gain weight when i was going through this and had no replacement. when i started the HRT i dropped my weight around my normal range. but i would recommend having all this checked out and ready to go and start immediatetly after the surgery. from what i gather and have read, i would make for certain the implants are what you need. they can be problematic with comfort and not normal feeling. i haven't had any problems mentally after the removal other than just normal cancer stuff. i just excepted it and moved on! i hope this helps!
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      Thanks for the reply Brian. While reading another website i noticed this:

      "Men who have damaged testicles or no testicles at all could still gain an erection and have a very low sex drive but would never be productive or father any children. There could possible be an emission from the seminal vesicle that produces some kind of fluid, or from the prostate gland that secretes prostatic fluid.
      The semen emerges from the network of tubules in the testicles to the Epididymus. The Ductus deference or spermatic cord with a length of about 45cm or 18 inches and is a continuation of the Epididymus that runs from the testes, with the great length it acts as a reservoir for the sperm."
      Does this mean that the "seman" is in the testicles and not the prostate? I don't follow this fully. I thought the testicles produced "sperm" and testosterone and the prostate produces 95% of the fluid you see when you ejaculate, I am very confused about this. I am also confused by the fact that it mentions a "low sex drive"? Surely with proper HRT this could/would be near a "normal" level? I am curious to know more about before and after scenerios.

      Again thank's to everyone who has been supportive so far, i couldn't have gotten through this otherwise.

      Did anyone notice a huge difference in the volume of ejaculation before and after? Do the testicles really make up such a large amount of the "volume"?

      If it's discovered that my smaller right testicle is still functioning (producing hormonones, etc) will i still be required to get HRT medication? How will it be possible to know if the testicle is functioning properly? Will an ultrasound show this kind of data?

      Again any stories, information or anything you feel could help me would be great.


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        Hi Megazoid:

        I also sent you a PM.

        Here is a link to a diagram that shows the male anatomy. There are a number of accessory glands that contribute fluid to "semen". Most of the fluid is not made in the testicle.

        Sperm cells and some fluid are produced in the testicles. The epididymis also secretes fluid as do the prostate, bulbourethral glands and the seminal vessicles. So even with both testicles (and epididymi) removed seminal fluid would still be secreted by these other glands. Of course testosterone does stimulate these glands for maximum fluid secretion - so with less testosterone, their volume of secretion would likely be less.

        If I were in your shoes, I would ask for the follwoing: semen analysis to determine if you are procucing healthy sperm and a complete hormone profile: GnHRH (gonadatrophin hormone releasing hormone) produced in the hypothalamus (part of the brain), FSH and LH (follicle stimulating hormone and leutinizing hormone (produced in the pituitary) and testosterone, free and total. Probably should also growth hormone and a thyroid hormone profile (T3 and T4).

        That should give a good idea of what is causing your problems.

        Best of luck, I hope you're feeling better soon.
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          Thanks for all your help Fish! As always i can rely on everyone here giving me help and support.

          Is it possible to use androgel (10ml for example) and get your levels back to your "normal" level on a daily bases and still be able to function fully?

          I have an appointiment next tuesday with the urologist and i am very much looking forward to getting this checked out.

          Fish, would i be right in saying that getting both testicles removed is (technically) the same as having a vascemtomey except that natural testosterone is still available in the body. So i would assume a man with that has had a vascemtomey would experience the exact same orgasm/ejaculation as a man that has had both testicles removed. Any further information/advice on this would be great.

          Do the testicles only produce testosterone or other hormones too?


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            For a vasectomy, a small incision is made in the scrotum and the vas deferens (Both) is tied off and cut. That's much less invasive than an orchiectomy, which is done through an incision on the lower abdomen.

            But, you're right, cutting the vas prevents the passage of sperm. Since testosterone is secreted directly into the blood stream, hormonal function is normal. Having your own source of testosterone is much better that having to use replacement. Ther body normally regulates testosterone production based on need. With replacement, there is no regulation of the amount you get. So a man on replacement might not function/feel quite a well as a vasectomy patient. Although, most guys do very well once the T levels are adjusted appropriately -- unfortunately this is usually accomplished by trial and error and thus might take several months.

            In addition to testosterone, the testicles end up secreting small amounts of precursors in the testosterone synthesis pathway, as well as small amounts of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estradiol - these are generally insignificant physiologically. Most DHT and estradiol are made at the target tissues for testosterone. The testicles also produce a hormone called inhibin, whose primary function is part of the feedback mechanism to the pituitary that regulates FSH and LH. So testosterone is really the hormone of importance.

            Best wishes.
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            Left I/O 9/17/2003

            Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will; to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.


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              I have been in contact with over 20 guy's now and some say everything goes back to normal really quick and they have no problems for years (infact some have NO problems whatsoever) while others like yourself Fish and Ras Joe suffer some side effects (and in more serious cases have to stop the treatment).

              I think once a guy find's his "normal" level everything seem's to work out fine for the most part and everything is back to normal pretty quick, while it might take a few months to adjust i am sure this is normal (i think being in the 500/700 mark is the perfect balance?). Some guy's have even commented that their sex live's were better than before! One joke made me laugh about a guy with no nut's can get deeper penetration!

              I can only hope something good and positive will come from this. My testicle is shrinking on an almost daily cycle but it's not long now before i can find it what's really going on. Only got till next Tuesday till i find out for sure (getting Ultrasound, Hormone Levels Checked, etc). I used to remember being like a raging-bull before i had this injury, it seem's i am now suffering from tiredness and feeling alot more fatigue (This could be caused by the constant pain too though - making sitting difficult without elevation). The testicles aren't the size of actual pea's just yet, maybe walnuts. I have heard even with serious testicular damage, testesterone is still produced usually. My hope is that my smaller right testicle is still pumping away. I seem to still be able to get erections and function as normal in this respect.

              During the orchiectomy, do they insert the silicon testicles and how do they secure them to the scrotum (so one hangs below the other, etc)? If both testicles (or one) is being removed, do they do this through the abdomen or surgery to the scrotum itself? I am curious to know as much as possible about this if i do need to go ahead and get one (or two) inserted.

              From what i am gathering is that AndroGel (TestoGel in the UK) and Testim are the two best way's of getting the needed dosages. What would the standard be for a guy my age (23)? Two tubes of androgel a day?

              I guess only the doctor can answer this one after the blood tests. I do know that whatever is causing these problems is causing some serious scrotum pain (still no swelling though and still a shrunken ball!). I am really looking forward to finding out what's going on down below because the dull ache (which sometimes turn's into a sharp pain hitting my hip/leg is still present and painful).

              Thanks again for all the support and help guy's!


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                Side effects on TRT? what sort of side effects are we talking about that would make someone want to stop the treatment all together?
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                  Fish had some problems with elevated liver enzimes which caused him to stop using the medication for a month or two. In general, people don't seem to have many problems that i can see, so hopefully thing's will work out good for me.

                  Just wondering if anyone else can offer some help/advice on this?


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                    I take 10g of Testim a day and feel fine. My sexual sensations are not quite the same as before, but they are still good. One of my doctors even said it's possibly just a side effect of getting older.

                    I get a liver test every few months. Some enzymes are slightly elevated, but the doctor is not concerned. I was on 5g of Testim a day but had low T levels on that. Now I'm in the 700s.

                    I suggest getting on testosterone replacement soon. The health risks of not haveing enough T are greater than the side effects of the therapy.
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                      I have been suffering from various problems the past few days. Back pain, no erections (and when i do, they are difficult to maintain), penis shrinkage (when flaccid), blood in urine (small amounts), no sex libido/drive (when i do in very short "bursts", mood swings (depression/anxiety), no appetite, the list goes on...

                      Last night i felt like i wanted to end everything, but i've taught myself that no matter how bad thing's get, we can always pull ourselfs out in end, everything is in our mind and WE have the power to change that - "True human spirit always show's in the worst of situations".

                      Last night i thought about my heros, guy's like Ras Joe, MRM, Nick, Fish, Scott and everyone else on this forum who has been very supportive towards me, you guy's will never be forgotten and i will credit each and everyone of you for the help you have provided me. I am going to send my story into Nick's website and also maybe setup my own support group/website for Low T and Hypogonadism.

                      I always live by the quote "People fall so they can learn to pick theirself's back up". This was very true last night when i was feeling very low.

                      I am seeing the specialist tomorrow who is highly thought after (the doctor i seen last night said he was taught alot by him and he was the guy to see for sure!). I was lucky to meet a surgen/doctor last night who was able to offer me some strong advice and told me alot of these thing's are due to the low testosterone and WILL be reversed once i get thing's normalized (he even said thing's like reduced beard growth and little "body" hair will be fixed and i could infact end up feeling better). He claimed worrying problems like penis shrinkage are common if a man dosen't have an erection for weeks (to months) and the penis will shrink due to low hormone levels because blood flow is redirected at other areas of the body (or something along thoose lines).

                      I am hoping everything start's "hanging" normal again and i can function as a real man rather than feeling like i am going through puberty again (the problems i am having feel like "puberty in reverse").

                      I am curious to know if any the other guy's had similar problems when not on the TRT?

                      I think i should be looking to go on about 7.5 or 10g a day to restore thing's back to normal. I want to be in the 700 range myself (being such a young guy) and want to feel and experience my youth to the full. I want to also date some ladies and work on my build.

                      After some "work", my erection's do still seem to be as large as before just very difficult to maintain and no where near as "full" as before. However i am still more than happy to see that the serious "shrinkage" when flacid hasn't effected my usual aroused state. Infact i am hoping that with the AndroGel (maybe 7.5/10g a day) thing's might even improve and get bigger than before. I am not meaning to be crude or rude with this, it was just very worrying last night to see such a thing happen to me. The doctor wasn't lying when he said that it would return to normal though!

                      Fingers crossed for tomorrow and still a little worried about the prostate/abdominal pain, just hoping it isn't anything serious. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to find out more. I will of course keep everyone posted on my findings!