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scared 14 year old

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  • scared 14 year old

    hey im 14 and ive kinda just learned about TC i have a lump about the size of a marble at the top of my right testicle i have had it for atleast a yearand a half maybe longer and have had no pain or any other symptims but i feel embaresed to talk to my mom about it

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    You really should tell your mom and have your doctor check it out. It's much more likely to be a cyst or something else relatively harmless than cancer, but don't take unnecessary risk. Lots of guys post here that they don't want to tell their parents, but they all feel much better after they do.
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      You need to get this seen by a doctor. It sound's like a cyst or varicocele - but any scrotal lumps must be investigated by a doctor/urologist.

      Don't be scared to tell your mother about this. She will be understanding about the situation if you approuch it right. Say something along the lines of "Hey mom, i've found a little lump down below and want to get it checked out by the doctor..."

      If anything she will praise you for approuching something like this like an adult!

      Keep us posted and make sure you get it checked out just to be sure.


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        whats the difference between cyst or varicocele or TC


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          ok ill tell her sometime this week then thanks for the help