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    A lump in the testicles seems to be the most common symptom of TC.

    So I just wondered if that lump overtime would change, ie get any bigger or change shape ect.. Or would it always be the same?

    Over a period of years of having testicular cancer what change could one expect to occur?, Would anything change from first being diagnosed with TC?


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    No real set pattern a lump can get bigger, stay the same or maybe get smaller. Blood supply to a tumor can change and cause it to grow or if the blood floe is cut off it might shrink.
    All kinds of things can change pain in the groin, back or other areas. You might not have any pain or problems until it spreads.
    If you have found a lump and it has been years my guess is that it might be a cyst which is very common best bet is to see a doctor and get it checked out ASAP never too late to even if it has been years to see the doctor.
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