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!9 year old (curious/confused)

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  • Kman99
    Originally posted by Alexx
    For the past 6-8 month's I have been getting some pain in my testicle's.
    Alex - in addition to self exams, based on what you're saying, the best thing would be to schedule an appointment with your doc (preferably a urologist) and ask him/her these same questions.

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  • Scott
    Alexx, you'll find good instructions on how to do a self-exam and what to look for at this link.

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  • Alexx
    started a topic !9 year old (curious/confused)

    !9 year old (curious/confused)

    Hello everyone. For the past 6-8 month's I have been getting some pain in my testicle's. This type of pain is not usual, and only happend's when I apply light pressure to my testicle's or when I lay them down on my thigh. It's small thumping pain's (1 second max, at a time) every 5-7 second's from the inner core of the testicle's, and it mainly come's from the left one. When I re-adjust my testicle's the pain usually goes away. I saw the symptom's on google (it's how I stumbled here) and pretty much scared me. I have a few question's about these sypmtom's.

    A lump or mass in either testicle (how big of a lump? A bump?)
    A collection of fluid in the scrotum (How would I find out about this fluid?)
    A dull ache in the lower abdomen, back, or in the groin (Depending on how I sit I get lower back pain)
    Discomfort or pain in a testicle or in the scrotum (is it similar to the pain I get?)
    Enlargement or tenderness of the breasts (Other site's claim that hardness occur's, and my testicle's are not too tender)

    What would be the best way to feel my testicle's too find out wether I have testicular cancer or not? What should I feel for? And is it for sure that I will know if I have it or not? I never really payed too much attention to my scrotum, so I am not familiar to what would be normal and strange, I know for a fact that they have never been swollen or felt heavier then usual.
    (I've read on other site's how to feel, but it confuses me)

    What I do know is nobody from both side's of my parent's family have suffered from any type of cancer, and they are heavy smoker's. Really I am just worried about these strange pain's in the scrotum. If you have any question's feel free to ask, anything, I will answer it asap. Please respond, I need anyone's help. Thank you for you're time.
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