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23 year old with groin pain.

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  • 23 year old with groin pain.

    hi everyone, im 23 years old.. like many other posters here.. ive been havin testicle/groin pain for about 3 1/2 months now, and thought id post this up in case anyone else out there has had somethin similar or for someone in the future.

    Anyway, 3 months ago at work i was doin alot of heavy lifting.. (wherehouse work) i was sopose to meet someone after work and was running late so i was rushing at work.. doin alot of lifting at a very fast pace, and the next day my whole groin area including inner thigh/hamstring/testicles/ hurt and felt sore so i just took it as a pulled muscle or something like that thinkin it came from the heavy lifting. So a few weeks went bye and i took it real easy at work so it wouldnt get worse but after about a month it wouldnt go away.. so i went to the DR and explained when i started feeling the pain and he also took it as a pulled muscle and gave me some pain killers, couple more weeks and still the same, i even took a week off from work hoping it would get better. The pain wasnt that bad realy it was more like soreness and "blue balls". so i went back to the DR and asked if i feel any bumps/lumps, at the time i didnt feel anything. so she looked and said everything felt fyne so i was like ok then.. a few more weeks now and i was gettin worried cuz it wouldnt go away.

    So by now im gettin a little scared so i was checkin for bumps or anything and i came across a tiny bump behind my right testicle, have the size of a BB so then i freaked out and went back to the DR and this time she was touchin lookin for it but said she felt nothin, its kinda hard to feel when the skin isnt loose, so she took a urine sample lookin for any STDs or anythin else, another week goes bye and the results were all negetive.

    No STDs or nothin abnormal and to make sure she gave me an ultra sound appointment. but the appointment was 3 weeks from that day.. so wile waiting for the ultra sound date i went back to the DR to see if i can get it sooner, the DR (a different one) slaped on the gloves and started lookin.. and like the other he couldnt feel it, i dont know how he couldnt but anyway, he gave me Doxycycline to see if that helped.. and that stuff made me feel like crap and did nothing really. so i just had the ultra sound yesterday and i gota go back next week with my DR and go over the results... im kinda worried and scared because i could clearly feel that small bump and thats whats causing the pain, i feel it from there up to my lower abdomen. even when i touch it sometimes i feel the pain. and another thing i noticed.. was that my left testicle hangs alot lower than the right one, im not sure if it was always like that or if just noticed now that im lookin and touchin down there alot more because of the pain.

    sorry for the long post just thought id go through everythin in case someone in the future goes through the same thing or someone having the same symptoms. At this poin im not even sure if it had anything to do with the lifting at work. WAs it just coincedince that i felt the pain after alot of heavy lifting?? or is it somehow related?? i will keep this post updated the more i find out, again.. sorry for the huge post and thanks to anyone with any advise.
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    Hi Arrow,

    We are both the same age (23). I also had some testicular pain similar to what you describe. I did however notice that my testicle had also shrunk to about 50% it's original size (atrophy) and i am now getting this investigated further (could be effecting my testesterone levels now - great fun!).

    First off i am glad to see someone like yourself taking this serious, i think the message is getting across really well now. The forum has been flooded with alot of the younger guy's checking their boy's out for any changes or growths.

    I am going to be honest and say this dosen't sound like cancer. It's normal for one testicle to hang lower than the other (this is common in almost all men - so when you are running they don't hit together). It's also normal for one to be larger than other. It's important to watch for any dramatic (or progressive) changes in size though that might start occuring (one testicle swelling for example).

    My guess is either a damaged blood vessel or cyst. Other "non-cancerious" thing's are of course possible. Muscle strain can give the impression of testicular pain being the cause due to the nerves being linked in that region.

    When i discovered my testicle was shrinking i couldn't stop checking it in the shower/mirror. It's possible for guy's to become over stressed about thing's like this (me included!).

    Did you notice any other changes outside of the "pain"? Swelling/Shrinkage, Scrotum color change, etc?

    Keep us posted on how you get on, but i am sure everything will turn out good!

    Best Regards,


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      Well i just got back from the DR.. and he told me the results of the ultrasound i had last week.. it turns out its Varicocele, no tumor, no cyst, no torsion.. i felt so glad to hear those words come out of his mouth.. i wanted to hug him lol. He pretty much told me its nothin to be worried about unless im in alot of pain.. wich im not.. the pain or ache i had has come down a bit, but its still there.. i dont lose sleep over it or anything but it still bugs me from time to time.. soim goin to see a urologist next week to get his opinion. So after all this im so happy to know its not a tumor or anythin serious.. but again.. ill keep the thread updated.


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        Great new's Arrow. As you will see from my original reply, i did expect this. I am getting my ultrasound tomorrow and think i suffered an intermittent torsion which shrunk the testicle. I now think i am suffering from Low T due to this (not good) and no one seem's to be taking me serious.

        I am however very pleased that everything worked out well for you Arrow. Keep us updated on how you get on.


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          Great news
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            thanks alot, best of luck to you.. keep buggin youre doctors thats what i had to to get some atention.. the 1st time i went it about all this they told mei had a pulled hamstring, so whatever you dont give up. good luck


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              Enjoy the rest of your life Arrow!!!!
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