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lump near epididymus help!

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  • lump near epididymus help!

    Hi all this is my first post here after searching the net for the information and having no luck i decided it was time to talk to people that have had experiences.

    I am 25 years old

    Ok this is my story i noticed a hard lump next to the epididymus a few months ago during a self examination. I went to the doctors to ease my concerns he checked it and said it was probably an infection in the tubes that the sperm travel down and gave me a 2 week course of antibiotics.

    i took the antibiotics and yet the lump remained i thought nothing of it for a few weeks taking the doctors word as gospal. About a month later i was having quite alot of pain around that testicle and got quite worried.My wife made me go the the gp unit of the local hospital as it was a weekend to get it checked.

    the doctor there examined it and he too said due to its location its probably an infection. I told him that i had already had this diagnosis and he said that it maybe wasnt long enough course of antibiotics so he prescribed a six week course.

    I took the course and to be honest forgot about it for a few months more i have checked again and the lump is still there and slightly bigger this lump is rock hard and not painfull to touch.

    It has been there around 6 to 8 months now and i sometimes get low abdominal pain and lower back ache too.

    The thing is now i cant face the doctors again one because of the humilitay of the examination and two because im guessing he will just say the same and prescribe more antibiotics. Which will just make me feel like ive wasted his time again.

    Can you get testicular cancer in this area next to the epididymus? i would say this lump is about half an inch long by 1/4 of an inch wide and to me doesnt fell like its connected to the tubes at all. I do not have any lump on the other testicle in the same place.

    so any ideas or advice guys your time is much appreciated thanks in advance!

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    My name is paul gorman, I've just posted a cautionary tale on this site yesterday as user name Paul G. Read it cos I got the same **** from the doctors and had to go through a pile more to get seen. As it turned out I had a seminoma which has just been removed.

    Do not leave it any longer go to A&E show them the lump. Get them to shine a bright light through the testicle to check if its solid or a cist. If it appears solid refuse to move until you see a consultant or they arrange an ultra sound. If this doesn't work goto a STD clinic and show them. There is usually a urology consultant on there. You need the ultrasound. Goodluck.

    My phone number is 0044 1494 882095 if you want a chat or advise on getting around the system.


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      Is the mass "attached" to the testicle? If its not directly attached to the testicle, its most likely something other than TC,,, maybe a cyst? I would make an appointment to see a Urologist since they have more expertise in this type of thing.
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        Originally posted by Kev332

        Is the mass "attached" to the testicle? If its not directly attached to the testicle, its most likely something other than TC,,, maybe a cyst? I would make an appointment to see a Urologist since they have more expertise in this type of thing.

        well i cant seperate it from the testicle it definatly feels attached. it is hard to the touch too a cist is full of liqiud isnt it? so that wouldnt be hard wouldnt it?


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          A lump on the testicle can be caused by a variety of factors. Kev232 is right on oncoligist is the best best person to advise you. Most of the time it turns out to be nothing but from the symptoms you describe you need an ultra-sound to rule out TC.

          This not something you should ignore. Good Luck.


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            Get yourself to the doctor. A lump that is attached to the testicle is nothing to fool around with. You need to find out for sure what it is.

            best wishes
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              When people say is the lump attached to the testical, does that mean actually growing off of it or attached by a cord?


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                No cord. Check out these self-examination instructions for more details.
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                  i went to my gp's yesterday i have a drop in surgery so managed to get seen at 6pm he said that he believes its an epididymal cyst. I am still not convinced ive done some research on cyst's and it doesnt seem to fit the bill. should i stop worrying or fight to see a urologist?


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                    I would push for an ultra sound. The doctor is probably right but the ultrasound will confirm it and give you some peace of mind.
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                      I am in your boat man, although I have had mine for 3 years now and the past few days its gone through a growth spurt cause its been causing a little constant pain, its becoming anoying, I have it in the same spot, near where the tubes connect at the bottom and a little behind the testicle, good luck, I am gonna ask for an ultra sound too.

                      Paul how was the operation?
                      Did you use local or general anesthetic?
                      Was there any pain afterwards when you woke up, if so how long were you on pain killers for?
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                        Hi Michael 121,

                        My Op was done under general anesthetic, the op istelf was fine and the proceedure is very straigh forward. I went in on a Wed morning they put me to sleep at around 1pm and by 330pm I was up and about. They released me Thurs morning.

                        The pain was quite bearable, I was off pain killers after two days. The only cause of real pain since has been when I sneeze but this no longer bothers me. Its been 10 days now since the op, I no longer walk like John Wayne. I'm walking my dog for an hour everyday & back at work. I've just come in from a night out with the boys (I think we've covered most of the Balls and Penis jokes) & in general life is back to normal, all be it with a five year cloud overhead.


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                          Good to hear, do you think you could do it without pain killers? I get slight panic attacks(maybe due to low dopamine caused by low testosterone) when I take codeine(and some recreational drugs), so I am worried about taking morphine or anything simular.

                          I noticed on the radiology papers, the medical officer described my lump as "craggy and solid" and he made a note saying "?cancer = blood" although I checked it properly in the shower when I woke up and it is not rough although it is round with only about 30% of its surface space actually attached to the testicle.

                          How come you didnt have a biopsy 1st?
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                            Hi Michael112,

                            I could have managed without the pain killers but why bother. I spoke to my doctor before the op and told him I did safety critical work and asked for painkillers that wouldn't affect my performance ie no codine/morphine based drugs. I got "DICLOFENAC SODIUM 75mg" twice a day. This work a treat.

                            I hope this helps and best of luck for the op.


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                              Originally posted by Michael112
                              How come you didnt have a biopsy 1st?
                              Read this for why they don't do a biopsy first:

                              Basically, if it is cancer they don't want to risk it spreading.
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