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  • Prostate Problems

    It's 4am here i can't get to sleep for needing to urinate every 15 minutes. I feel what can only be described as "preasure" on my lower abdomen. In some way's it feel's like "wind".

    This has resulted in constant "dripping" and urination all night and making it near impossible to sleep. I have heard this can be caused by low testesterone levels too? I am going to have to visit hospital if this continues. Has anyone else suffered this or can give advice?

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    I have called NHS direct (24 hour help desk). I am waiting on a call back here at 4.30am to get blood test's done tomorrow at hospital and see a doctor first thing. I need to get this sorted ASAP. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


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      A doctor called and told me this is an emergency and i am going into see a specialist at 8am. I am pretty confident this is linked with low t and hope problems like this can be resolved.


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        im havin some what similar feeling you do, kinda like air or presure but not bad enough where i cant sleep or havin to go to the restroom every other minute, keep us posted with tomarows DR visit


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          Thanks for the reply Arrow! I think some of this is related to trap wind or a urinary tract infection, here's hoping something can be worked out.

          I just got back from the hospital. I was given two forms of medication. They think this might be a uriny tract infection which i am hoping it is, but did notice an inflammation of the prostate.

          I am curious to know if any of the guy's know anything about low t and prostate problems (this is very worrying for me considering my age - 23).