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    26 years old....I've had the following symptoms for around one year:
    Very mild pain/ache in left testicle which comes and goes and radiates to the inside of my left thigh. Sometimes it won't appear for a week or more, sometimes it's there for days. Sometimes, but not often, it appears in the right testicle and radiates to the right thigh.
    Very mild (almost undetectable) lower back and hip discomfort, this symptom seems to get worse when I'm inactive and disappears completely when I'm walking or moving around.

    Neither of these symptoms have worsened or changed in about 10-12 months, my doctor says it is nothing to worry about but I've a constant, nagging worry at the back of mind that it's testicular cancer.

    I know how to perform an exam and have been carrying out a fortnightly exam since I was a teenager. No lumps, no bumps, nothing unusual. There have never been any perceptible changes which does put my mind at rest, if it was cancer I'd have noticed some kind of change by now, right?

    Now, this morning, I've noticed a single swollen axillary lymph node on the left side. Should I waste my Doctor's time again? Should I get a second opinion? What's the likelihood of all of these symptoms pointing to cancer?

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    The lymph nodes that testicular cancer typically spread to aren't where you can feel them.

    Have you ever had a testicular ultrasound?
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      You can always go see the URO if the family doctor isn't able to answer your questions.
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