A while back I found a small hard lump on my left testicle. It took 2 months but I finally went to the doctor. She couldn't find the lump, but had me go get an ultrasound. The woman who did it found nothing, but *I* thought I saw something on the screen, and that one image keeps coming back to me, namely because she didn't get a picture of it (she took like 40 pics total). She was on the phone for part of the test and in somewhat of a hurry because the other tech had called out and no she was pulling double duty. The lump is most noticeable when I'm in bed, or in the shower, when "the boys" are most relaxed, which they certainly were not at my doctor's or the hospital for the ultrasound. There's been a progressively worsening pain from my left testicle up to my lower abdomen. If I make another appointment with my doctor should I request to go see a different ultasound person, or get blood tests or what? Thanks for any advice. Chris