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Urologist Exam -- Advice Needed

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  • Urologist Exam -- Advice Needed

    Hi Guys,

    I need some further advice and information if possible. I visited a Urologist in my area yesterday who is said to be one of the best in Scotland. I didn't really get the new's i wanted (or did i?) and i am looking for some advice on what todo next...

    I visited the Urologist yesterday (for the first time -- seen 4 GP's in total, i keep getting put to the side/not take serious everytime). I explained everything to him over the past two months (puberty during my early years when i first injured the right testicle and so on). I told him about back pain, no erections (and when i do, they are difficult to maintain/not strong), penis shrinkage (when flaccid), loss of penis girth (flaccid and erect), blood in urine (small amounts detected by doppler test), no sex libido/drive (when i do in very short "bursts"), depression, no morning erections, mood swings (depression/anxiety), little appetitie, reduced beard growth, sparse body hair (legs, arms, chest), etc. He did seem intrested but didn't seem too concerned about these "side-effects" i was having.

    I am really starting to feel like a 23 year old guy living in a 16 year old's body, but without the same high t and sex drive. I feel i should have changed alot more and my testicles should be "normal" size. They still seem very small compared to other guy's.

    I have been scheduled for an ultrasound this coming thursday to exam "testicular" volume and blood flow to the testicles. I got blood taken this morning to check my testosterone levels but haven't had the results back from this.

    The doctor checked my testicles and said they seem "normal", however he didn't see them before (or more to the point, the massive left testicle which "made-up" for injuryed (atrophied) right testicle in my younger days). This has since shrunk and for me everything still isn't "normal". He claims they aren't "abnormally" small and he wouldn't prescribe any testosterone treatement until i have been tested more the once by ultrasound and blood tests. He even said that he would still be reluctant to prescribe anything until he had more scans done (he mentioned brain scans, more blood tests, etc). He also said that he would try "alternative" medications first before going down this route.

    At this point i mentioned HGC and using it alongside TestoGel (AndroGel), he didn't seem intrested but said it "might" be an option.

    I got the impression he wasn't intrested in taking anything i said onboard and i got a little angry/upset when i left his office. I didn't show this in the office, but i felt that i was getting the same treatment as before. I guess it was difficult for him to do anything without having blood results or ultrasound scans done.

    I want to start feeling the way i used to, not like a man in a boy's body. My confidence has been effected by the "shrinkage" and inability to get erections as easy as before. I can understand that he dosen't want a young guy like myself "jumping into anything" too soon regarding TRT but surely something can be done to help me in this situation? Is it possible to use a small dosage of TestoGel (5mg for example) and still maintain natural production? Would i notice any benefits from such a small dosage? What would the best route to take?

    What would you guy's recommend in my situation? Should i push harder at getting something done? Would my body running on TRT be better than my own "small" testosterone levels? What alternative treatments are available?

    I am worried that i might be pushing for the TRT treatment and maybe it's not the best route for me. I guess in the long-run i will need to take it for the rest of my life.

    I am really just curious to know what you guy's would do yourself in my situation. I am sure you can understand this situation. I feel tired all the time and just want to start feeling "normal" again. I guess i will need to see what the ultrasound show's up, but i am confident "something" is going to show up in either the blood results or ultrasound exam. I am still convinced i am suffering from hypogonadism.

    Kind Regards,

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    I am sorry you're not getting a better response from your doctors. Unfortunately, I think all you can do for the moment is wait. I am also kind of stuck in a holding pattern pending the outcome of some new blood tests. I feel the same way I want my life back. Hopefully your bloodwork will help diagnose your condition and you can begin a treatment plan and start to feel better.

    Best wishes,

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      Thanks for the reply Fish. Sorry to hear about your on-going troubles. Seem's like we are both in the same boat!

      I have the ultrasound tomorrow and i am looking forward to finding out more.

      Does anyone know what these "alternative" treatments might be? The only one i could think of was HGC, but i am not aware of any others.